• CARESCAPE B850 Monitor

    Flexibility and scalability. CARESCAPE B850 helps you to provide clinical excellence, to optimize care workflows and to protect your long-term investments.

  • CARESCAPE Central Station

    One source for data. Fast. Reliable. Compact.
  • Unity Network Interface Device

    The Unity Network Interface Device (ID) provides cost effective connectivity of supported stand-alone devices to the CARESCAPE Network.
  • ApexPro Telemetry System

    ApexPro* telemetry offers the highly flexible and advanced telemetry system to meet the current and future telemetry needs of growing hospitals.
  • E-PiCCO

    The E-PiCCO module provides continuous cardiac output (CCO) measurement based on pulse contour calculation, transpulmonary thermodilution cardiac output (C.O.) and blood...
  • CARESCAPE Canvas™ monitoring platform

    Flexing the art and science of patient monitoring

  • Euroanaesthesia 2022 clinical symposium
    Improving postoperative outcomes

    Listen to Prof. Blobner talking about the Adequacy of Anaesthesia and data analysis and Dr. Lannelongue sharing her insights how to improve Lung Protective Ventilation with high fidelity analytics. Hear from Dr. Batchelor their insights about patient deterioration and enhanced care.

  • Portrait™ Mobile

    A wearable continuous monitoring solution that provides a real-time personalized view of the patient

  • Euroanaesthesia 2022 clinical symposium
    Advanced monitoring techniques

    Listen to Prof. Robba talking about cerebral oximetry to reduce complications in critical ill patients and Dr. Gargani sharing her insights about Lung Ultrasound: how to assess and monitor your patient. Hear from Dr. Michard sharing his insights about the rise of ward continuous monitoring: the anaesthesiologist's point of view

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