• CARESCAPE Central Station

    One source for data. Fast. Reliable. Compact.
  • Unity Network Interface Device

    The Unity Network Interface Device (ID) provides cost effective connectivity of supported stand-alone devices to the CARESCAPE Network.
  • ApexPro Telemetry System

    ApexPro* telemetry offers the highly flexible and advanced telemetry system to meet the current and future telemetry needs of growing hospitals.
  • E-PiCCO

    The E-PiCCO module provides continuous cardiac output (CCO) measurement based on pulse contour calculation, transpulmonary thermodilution cardiac output (C.O.) and blood...
  • CARESCAPE Canvas™ monitoring platform

  • Euroanaesthesia 2022 clinical symposium
    Improving postoperative outcomes

  • Portrait™ Mobile

  • Euroanaesthesia 2022 clinical symposium
    Advanced monitoring techniques