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AW Family

Meet the AW family of products and services

The AW name goes beyond applications. It’s a family of products and services designed to meet the growing complexities of clinical facilities. Whether you’re in need of a single workstation or an enterprise-wide solution, we can help you choose the right combination of products for your needs.

Find the application that’s right for you

With over 60 applications across multiple modalities and care areas, you’ll find the tool you need with AW Advanced Visualization.
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3d model printing

Add another dimension to surgical training

Innovative applications like 3D model printing are connecting radiology with other areas of your healthcare system in unprecedented ways. With a simple one-click export, surgeons can use AW Advanced Visualization to create realistic 3D printed anatomical models. It’s amazing what you can learn from the same information presented in a new way. In this case, experienced surgeons can create a tangible object to help them think through a complex surgery and new surgeons have a risk-free resource to practice their skills.

There’s an advanced view for everyone

Interpreting images is just a fraction of the work you do every day. You are the visual problem solvers for your entire healthcare system. To do this, you have to have a breadth of visualization tools at your fingertips to help answer a wide range of clinical questions. AW Advanced Visualization has over 60 different applications, covering more modalities across more care areas and sub-specialties than any other advanced imaging solution. It truly has a tool to visualize every clinical challenge.
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Advanced visualization. Simplified anatomy.

All of our applications have the advantage of being developed with a deep knowledge of the imaging technology itself. This gives us the detail needed to develop applications that are both clinically impactful and easy to use. AW Advanced Visualization applications give you accurate segmentation as well as measurements across a wide range of modalities and care areas. It also features an intuitive user interface with guided workflows designed for a wide range of expertise.

Beyond radiology

The future of radiology is more connected to the rest of your healthcare system and more accessible. It requires imaging IT that can easily be adapted to the unique operational and infrastructure challenges of a wide range of clinical environments. The AW Advanced Visualization platform is completely modular. You can install a single workstation with multi-modality functionality or expand your access with PACS integration in our enterprise-wide solution. It is completely flexible to the needs of your healthcare system.

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