Enterprise Imaging

Enable your EMR to provide 360˚ holistic patient imaging and multimedia patient records to help clinicians improve their productivity and provide better patient care.
Vendor Neutral Archive
Image Exchange
Clinical Viewer

Edison™ Datalogue™

Access, view and share data and images from across the care delivery network anywhere, anytime.¹ Open platform, security and collaboration are all foundational components of the world’s number one² Vendor Neutral Archive market share leader, Edison Datalogue³.

Holistic, 360° view

Enables a holistic, 360˚ view of the complete patient record

Secure, vendor neutral

Promote uninterrupted workflow across the existing care delivery network

Actionable insights

Provides actionable insights from the enterprise enabling decision making

High quality data

Ensures data quality to enable the evolution of your infrastructure

Edison™ Datalogue™ Connect

Allows clinicians to share diagnostic quality imaging and reports in a safe, HIPAA compliant, secure environment quickly and easily in moments when the functionality is needed the most.

Secure, vendor neutral

Promote uninterrupted workflow utilizing your existing IT infrastructure

Dynamic and holistic

Collaborate across your clinical community on sensitive patient data

One-click access

Enable Single Sign-On and access all your applications and data in seconds


User management settings help manage groups, connections and preferences

Centricity™ Universal Viewer Zero Footprint client

Connects advanced diagnostic tools and system-wide image management platforms across the care continuum to help healthcare organizations improve diagnostic speed and confidence.

Device compatibility

Fast, secure access to vital patient information across multiple platforms

Real-time access

Server-side rendering with streaming for real-time access to current exams

Consolidated view

Provides a consolidated view of the patient’s data across multiple archives

Cleared for diagnostic use⁴

Provides tools to help physicians collaborate on patient exams


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Empowering enterprise imaging with cloud-based capabilities

Now there’s an answer for the tradeoffs that keep you up at night—Enterprise Imaging in the Cloud⁵ opens the door to the game-changing power of GE, designed to make life, work, and care easier for everyone in your department.

Imagine empowering your imaging teams with access to world-class technology and robust AI tools—designed to make workflows easier and more efficient—all without investing in new hardware or straining your IT department. With Enterprise Imaging in the Cloud, now you can.

AW Server

Unleash the power of next-generation applications while providing access to powerful advanced visualization capabilities from anywhere.¹

Edison™ Datalogue™

With data security, managed access, collaboration, and data management, Edison Datalogue³ manages your patients’ records so you don’t have to.

Edison™ True PACS

Edison True PACS⁶ brings together image visualization, workflow, Artificial Intelligence, 3D post-processing, and archiving - providing enterprise functionality in a single platform—at an affordable cost.

Imaging Insights

Interested in the power of imaging equipment analytics, but don’t have the time, effort or energy to manage heavy IT requirements?


Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS⁵ provides the data security and reliability required for healthcare, with the flexibility to support your organization’s individual needs. By leveraging AWS, we can provide imaging solutions designed to increase access, decrease IT infrastructure, pivot to support changing needs, and ultimately help clinicians improve care for patients.

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  1. 1. Where an internet connection is available.
  2. 2. According to Signify Research 2020 Imaging IT Market Assessment.
  3. 3. Edison Datalogue includes the following product components: Centricity Enterprise Archive, Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP client, GE XDS Registry, Centricity Clinical Gateway, Audit Trail Repository, Media Manager, ICW Master Patient Index (MPI), and Lexmark PACS Scan. See the Edison Datalogue Compatibility Matrix and product-specific documentation for requirements.
  4. 4. Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP client has been validated for diagnostic use. Images viewed on mobile devices are not intended to be used for diagnostic purposes. Plesase refer to datasheet or contact GE Healthcare representative.
  5. 5. Cloud-based approach for enterprise imaging will be available in USA only. Cloud availability through Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  6. 6. Edison True PACS is a solution that contains the following products: Centricity™ Universal Viewer, Enterprise Archive, Centricity™ Universal Viewer Zero Footprint Client, Edison™ AI Orchestrator and third-party AI applications.

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