Versana Ultrasound Family for Primary Care

Reliable, affordable, easy-to-use and versatile, Versana ultrasound systems have a variety of automation features, intuitive controls, and budget-friendly options to best meet patient needs.
Versana Premier™
Versana Balance™
Versana Essential™
Versana Active™

Versana Premier

Versana Premier takes ultrasound to the next level with advanced imaging quality in a powerful, versatile, and productive ultrasound system. The Versana Premier ultrasound system is well-suited for imaging centers, general practice clinics, family doctors' offices, and hospitals, and has broad applicability for a wide range of exams.


An advanced imaging platform and fast acquisition of 3D/4D images


A wide variety of probes that support a range of exams and specialties


Simplify your workflow with intelligent automated productivity tools

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Versana Balance

Well-suited for physicians of all experience levels who wish to upgrade their capabilities, this competent, efficient, and practical system enables comprehensive scanning capabilities and is built to perform reliably in busy care environments, day after day.


Delivering peace of mind through world-class imaging quality


Simple to use design, workflow and automated tools streamline workflow


Perform a full range of exams and scans with a wide variety of probes

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Versana Essential

Versana Essential is a simple and accessible system that has broad applicability and is a great fit for private clinics, GP offices, and other specialists.


Easy-to-use system designed to support a wide range of applications


Smart features and automated tools to optimize workflow and productivity


A wide variety of affordable probes, software options, and user education

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Versana Active

Advanced, capable, and adaptable, Versana Active delivers the imaging capability of a console in a hand-carried, lightweight package that enables you to take your system to your patients, whether on premises or to remote sites.


Exceptional imaging capability in a compact system


Suited for abdominal, small parts, cardiac, OB/GYN, vascular and MSK exams


Carry it with you to clinics and physician offices

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Versana ultrasound systems are complete solutions designed for ease of use, speed, and efficiency. Select the system that is the right match for you.

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World-class ultrasound designed for peace of mind

Well-suited for primary care environments, Versana ultrasound systems have broad applicability with image quality that ranks with the best in their class.

A partner you can trust

You’ll benefit from decades of GE HealthCare experience when you invest in Versana ultrasound systems. You’ll enjoy functionalities found on advanced ultrasound systems, along with comprehensive service and support.

A complete solution

Simple and easy to use, Versana ultrasound systems help you diagnose a wide spectrum of patient conditions. Training and support options2 help you expand your capabilities, while flexible financing options2 help you enhance your return on investment.

An opportunity for growth

Versana ultrasound systems are designed to suit your practice today and in the future. You can start with basic options and expand your system, including more probe configurations, as your practice grows.


Our advanced probe technology helps provide exceptional image quality, and is available in a broad range of probes designed to meet the needs of your speciality.

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  1. Not all systems are available in all regions.
  2. Options and availability vary by region.

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