Key features

  • Detail delivered 1 for 1 from CMOS detector to 32” 4K UHD display.
    OEC Elite CFD AAA Angio-290
  • Easily adjust 32” 4K display to line of sight with 5 ranges of motion articulating arm.
    OEC Elite CFD Monitor Movement- 290 pixels
  • Heat managed with split-block design that separates X-ray tube and generator.
    OEC Elite CFD X-ray Tube 290
  • Sleek X-ray tube housing design enables up to 22% larger FOV compared to monoblock.
    OEC Elite CFD FOV - 290 pixels
  • SmartView pivot joint allows positioning at just the right angle without moving the C-arm base.
    OEC Elite CFD patient on table - 290
  • Synchronized image viewing for surgeon on display and Rad Tech on OEC Touch control panel
    OEC Elite CFD w Surg -Tech and Surg Asst-290
  • Zoom up to 4X without increasing dose with Live Zoom.
    OEC Elite CFD Live Zoom -290 pixels

Customer testimonials


  • Exceptional images

    • Experience 1:1 detail from CMOS detector to 4K display.
    • Capture high definition images with 15 kW power (30 kW power equivalent image with vascular and cardiac profiles).
    • Adapt easily with advanced features like Live Zoom.
  • Operate confidently

    • Streamline workflow with intuitive user experience.
    • Designed ergonomically for smooth positioning.
    • Choose a C-arm configuration for any clinical setting.
    • Increase field of view up to 22% versus monoblock C-arms.
  • Powerful to perform

    • Power through long cases and dense anatomy.
    • Optimize images with preset profiles like General HD and Bolus Chase.
    • eNR (enhanced noise reduction) automatically reduces noise during vascular and cardiac imaging.