Key features

Elite II_with touch_574
  • Zoom up to 4X without increasing dose with Live Zoom.
    Elite Live Zoom_290
  • Sleek X-ray tube housing design enables up to 22% larger FOV compared to monoblock.
    Elite FOV_290
  • Easily adjust 32” 4K display to line of sight with 5 ranges of motion articulating arm.
    monitor Movement
  • Fast efficient positioning for easier AP and lateral movement and head-to-toe angulation.
    Elite overscan_290
  • Synchronized image viewing for surgeon on display and Rad Tech on OEC Touch control panel.
    Elite Tech Touch_290
  • Heat managed with split-block design that separates X-ray tube and generator.
    split block


  • Renowned image quality

  • Innovative features

  • OEC Elite workstation