• Olaf von Wackerbarth Information Security Officer EMEA Senior Director Cyber Security Global

    Olaf von Wackerbarth, born in 1969, has been in IT for 27 years and has been in international management at GE HealthCare since 2011. Since 2014, his focus is on Cybersecurity and Digitization, where he is currently Senior Director Cybersecurity and Information Security Manager, responsible for information security in 112 countries in EMEA and establishing global structures for Business Cybersecurity Support. He studied Computer Science at the University of Dortmund and Business Administration with a focus on business informatics at the Karl-Schiller Berufskolleg. During his professional career he has gained a lot of experience at IT companies such as Computacenter. In his free time he likes to explore the possibilities of new and disruptive technologies such as "Virtual & Augmented Reality".

    In this presentation Olaf introduces us to the topic of Cybersecurity and the regulations and how GE HealthCare endeavors to help customers in keeping their data safe.

  • Q&A

    Following the presentation we had the opportunity to ask Olaf a couple of questions:

    • Do cyber security concerns apply to diagnostic devices such as ECG machines?
    • What do I need to pay attention to in terms of security when adding a windows based diagnostic system to my network?
    • Is data/ cyber security up to the device manufacturer or the institution?
    • What are the general considerations for implementing a departmental IT system? Is this not protected by the wider hospital IT infrastructure?

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