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  • What is Healthcare Technology Management?

    Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) is a multivendor solution created through a collaboration with our customers and an understanding of their challenges. Our goal is to help organisations improve operational efficiency, enhance quality and reduce service-related cost across their Imaging, Ultrasound and biomedical fleets.

    GE HealthCare's HTM offering includes multivendor services (MVS) as a core component covering a maintenance service across the fleet of assets. Our MVS platform complements the key value-added components of HTM such as data & analytics, asset utilisation and technology planning.

Delivering Outcomes Through HTM

Enhance Quality
  • Through a single point of contact, draw from our team of more than 1,600 experienced field engineers across Europe, plus more than 250 application specialists and online engineers.
  • Training – our European engineers benefit from an annual investment of $4M in technical training representing 40 hours per individual per year, ensuring they have the most up-to-date knowledge, tools and capabilities to serve the constantly evolving installed base.
  • Quality standards – GE HealthCare is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 covering the sales, delivery, installation, repairing, servicing, commissioning, and decommissioning of GE HealthCare medical devices and multivendor medical devices.
  • Keep data secure with our comprehensive clinical networking and Cybersecurity frameworks. We support all EU legal mechanisms for out-of-EU Data Transfer, whilst sensitive data from EU customers is stored and processed in the EU. GE HealthCare is ISO 27001 certified covering remote Service and medical device connectivity and our internal Enterprise IT is protected by ISO27002 security controls.
  • All backed by performance guarantees built around your priority KPIs.
  • Our holistic approach to medical equipment services looks at three core areas:

    Service Model Optimisation, Innovation & Sustainability and Integrated Asset Management, harnessing the power of digital technology to improve and sustain outcomes, in a safe and secure way.
  • Service Model Optimisation

    Service models aligned with your priorities for efficient operations, reduced costs and enhanced quality. The medical equipment service model selected has a direct correlation to the quality, efficiency and cost to maintain your imaging and biomedical assets. GE's goal is to help you to determine and implement an optimised model, based on your size, scale and needs.

    We start by helping evaluate and benchmark your actual cost. We review warranties and service agreements to help you pinpoint exactly what you are spending. We help identify opportunities to improve and standardise your service model from a cost and quality perspective and look at alternatives ranging from a fully outsourced program to in-house enablement models, supporting your team on-site, remotely and as needed.

  • Innovation and Sustainability

    Evolve and adapt to changing needs and cost pressures while also meeting regulatory requirements for safety and compliance. GE strives to develop new innovations and ideas that go well beyond medical equipment service and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure that your service program grows and adjusts to changing needs and challenges to enable sustainable improvements and success.

    GE HealthCare continues to invest in digital innovation across our portfolio – a significant portion of our over annual $1 Billion R&D spend is channelled into analytics, AI, and machine and deep learning, to leverage the full potential of asset-based data and make it part of our customers’ daily operations. This investment is accelerating the digitisation that will deliver enhanced clinical, operational and financial outcomes through innovation such as proactive and predictive maintenance, obsolescence management and augmented reality.

  • Integrated Asset Management

    Optimise asset utilisation and the return on your capital investments, reduce budget variability, improve access to equipment, and enhance quality of care. Another significant driver for increased costs stems from the growing medical asset inventory. Most healthcare organisations own more imaging and clinical assets than ever, which results in higher operational and capital costs.

    Our specialists work closely with you, using your system data to measure staff and equipment performance. Medical equipment data are combined with benchmark analytics, to make decisions regarding asset utilisation and technology planning. We also work to identify potential training gaps and changes that could improve workflow and increase patient capacity.

Case studies

Service Excellence

GE Healthcare's HealthCare Technology Management programme is enabled by our local Service capabilities and our continuous investment in connecting the physical and digital worlds.

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