Voluson Signature 18

Fast. Forward.
It’s time to redefine the speed of women’s health ultrasound.
Women's Health Ultrasound

Accelerate your every day

Good healthcare can’t be rushed, but the right ultrasound system can save you precious time and effort. Move fast, move forward with the Voluson Signature 18. Simplify your everyday with fewer steps, fewer keystrokes, and fewer obstacles. Uncover quick, confident answers with effortless imaging and built-in AI tools—all at an accessible price point.

At a Glance
Enhance your workday with leading AI-based technology and progressive tools that simplify and speed up exams. Automate manual tasks and calculations to save time, increase consistency, and improve accuracy.


Get through your day up to 25% faster


Standard ISUOG 2nd trimester exam 40% faster with SonoLyst


Reduce time to assess fetal heart by 48% with fetalHS


Reduce color and Doppler exam time by 56% with Flow Profiles

Imaging Technology

Imaging that can help get the right answer. Right away.

Make a big jump in image quality and an even bigger leap in performance with powerful innovations migrated from our industry leading Expert series of ultrasound systems.

Shadow Reduction

Restore tissue information and borders

Decreases shadows on B-mode imaging which can obscure adjacent structures by helping to restore tissue information and borders.


Reduce noise and increase penetration

With one button touch, reduce noise and increase penetration in even the most challenging high BMI patients for a clean, robust, homogeneous image.


Fast, easy 3D-like blood flow visualization

Next level color Doppler delivers exceptional sensitivity for easy, fast visualization of blood flow, revealing even the tiniest vessels.


Click less. Achieve more.

Imagine your workday, but easier. The Voluson Signature 18 is your workflow enhancer with leading AI-based technology and progressive tools that simplify and speed up exams. Automate manual tasks and calculations to save time, increase consistency, and improve accuracy.


Complete 20-week exams in 65% less keystrokes with SonoLyst


SonoCNS reduces brain assessment exam time by 81%


Reduce keystrokes by 83% with 3D Spine Trace


88% success rate identifying fibroids with Fibroid Mapping

Flow Profiles
Spine Trace


SonoLyst* reduces the time to complete the standard ISUOG 2nd trimester exam requirements by 40%. And with SonoLystlive, it means no more stopping to freeze, annotate, or store.


Combines our Uterine Trace tool and Fibroid Mapping feature, an AI reporting tool that standardizes and streamlines fibroid documentation by mapping, measuring, and classifying fibroids in 3D.


Reduce exam time by up to 75% with SonoPelvicFloor. Simplify and speed up exams with automated plane alignment and automated measurements for more consistent reproducible results.

Flow Profiles

Reduce exam time by 56% with Flow Profiles. Dramatically simplifies color and pulsed-wave Doppler optimization by utilizing predefined and optimized settings.

Spine Trace

Welcome to easy 3D in 1/2 the time. Simply trace the spine and the system automatically acquires the volume and displays the coronal view - with 83% less keystrokes.


Built for ease. Built for you.

The Voluson Signature 18 is simple by design.
The system has been engineered for the ultimate user experience – bringing more speed to everything you do, with quick and easy interactions, advanced ergonomics, and customizable features for added support and enjoyment – from start to finish, all day long.

It’s nice to share

Experience more flexibility with advanced probe technology that’s also compatible with Voluson Expert Series.

Feel the difference

The Voluson Signature 18 touch panel now has haptic feedback, which plays a powerful role in improving the user experience.

Cut the cord

With VscanAir ™ CL integration, wireless probes are now a reality.

Make it yours

Personalize your system and truly make it yours with over 23 million customization combinations including custom colors.

Use your voice

The new “Hey Voluson” feature allows you to operate your system using voice command, saving time and keystrokes.

Get comfortable

The thoughtful ergonomic design features a height adjustable, swivel control panel.
Support Excellence

Go further. Faster.

Get more out of your ultrasound system—more services, more support, and more future-focused solutions that can take you further. Connecting your system enables even faster ways to and leverage our entire ecosystem of digital solutions, lifecycle, educational support and the Voluson community.



Education & Training

Leverage our clinical and technical education solutions as well as training support to help you provide the highest quality of care and achieve operational excellence.

Voluson Club

The only ultrasound community dedicated to the education and collaboration of women’s health practitioners to help expand your expertise and your practice.
Visit Voluson Club

Voluson Image Portal

Easily share selected images with patients directly from your Voluson ultrasound system.



Verisound™ Collaboration

Secure, virtual, real-time collaboration tools. Utilize to seek advice, connect with colleagues, solicit second opinions, or engage patient family members.
Learn more

Verisound™ Fleet

Cloud-based solution that lets you manage devices remotely from one central location. Monitor devices across your fleet and view, back up, and deploy device configurations remotely.
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Verisound™ Reporting

ViewPoint™ 6 is a dedicated ultrasound reporting and image management solution with enhanced features to help improve workflow.
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Probe Repair and Hygiene Solutions

A continuum of support for your probes, including disinfection and hygiene solutions. Stay a step ahead with Probe Check, which assesses the health of your probes and can alert you to potential issues.

Performance optimization solutions

Maximize the performance, workflow, and utilization of your Voluson ultrasound system using Imaging Insights, iCenter Performance Management tools, and other digital solutions.

Maintenance, repair, and remote support services

Manage your total cost of ownership while improving system uptime with maintenance contracts and features like OnWatch™ proactive monitoring with InSite™ connectivity.

Updates, Upgrades, and Device Protection

Keep your devices secure and running smoothly. Download critical Windows® patches, security updates, and Voluson extension releases with eDelivery.* Protect your ultrasound system from cyberattacks with Voluson’s comprehensive SonoDefense solution.
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