Voluson P8

Imaging Simplified

Imaging Simplified

The Voluson™ P8 delivers excellent image quality, ease of use, and streamlined workflow in a sleek, lightweight package. Ideal for growing practices with demanding schedules, the P8 provides confident care across a range of applications. Its high performance, operational affordability, and exceptional reliability make the P8 a cost-effective way to join the Voluson family.

Imaging Simplified

Simply place the probe to get the information you need. Built on Voluson Core Architecture, the P8 delivers excellent imaging across all types of patients and exams.

Practical, Easy 3D

With 3D features like SonoRenderlive, easily acquire fetal faces and use OmniView to obtain views not accessible with 2D. For another anatomical perspective add HDlive™.

Simplify Repetitive Tasks

Enhance productivity and decrease exam complexity with Voluson’s Sono-Automation technologies. By automating functionality you can achieve greater consistency across exams and users.

Ready When You Are

Sleek and lightweight the system fits into small spaces, enabling it to be used anywhere and with battery operation and rapid wake from sleep the Voluson P8 is always ready to go.
Voluson Technology

Advanced technologies for effortless imaging

Simply place the probe to get the information you need, without time-consuming modifications. Built on Voluson Core Architecture, the Voluson P8 delivers excellent imaging across all types of patients, quickly and easily.


Bi-directional Doppler feature that reduces overwriting and increases sensitivity over conventional color Doppler.


Reduce keystrokes with SonoBiometry – Semi-automated biometry measurements (BPD, HC, AC, FL, HL, Vp, CM, Cereb, FHR).

Uterine Classification

Simplify identification and reporting of uterine abnormalities based on ESHRE, ESGE, and ASRM guidelines.


Simplifies volume rendering by automating render-line placement in 3D and 4D imaging.

SonoNT™ | SonoIT

SonoNuchal | Intracranial Translucency – semi-automatic, standardized measurements of nuchal and intracranial translucency.


SonoAVC™follicle automatically calculates the number, dimensions, and volume of hypoechoic structures in a volume sweep to help monitor patient follicles faster.


Automated technology that monitors and documents labor to help evaluate second-stage labor progression.

Voluson Probe Technology

Extraordinary image quality begins with advanced probe technology. Based on feedback from physicians and sonographers, Voluson probes have evolved to help meet your ergonomic needs and include innovations and advanced technology for women’s healthcare applications.





4C-RS Probe
Support Excellence

A World of Possibilities

A well-maintained ultrasound system improves your efficiency and allows you to deliver the best care to your patients. Leverage our entire ecosystem of support for peace of mind now—and in the future. Combined with a flexible service program, GE HealthCare partners with you to monitor and maintain your Voluson ultrasound systems, ensure quality and compliance, and train and inspire your staff.

Women’s Health Portal

Unlock the power of clinical and technical education. Discover our trainings to elevate your quality of care and achieve even higher operational excellence.

Fleet Performance Management

Maximize the performance, workflow, and utilization of your Voluson ultrasound system using Ultrasound Excellence, iCenter Maintenance Management tools, and other digital solutions.

Maintenance, Repair and Remote Support Services

Manage your total cost of ownership while improving system uptime with maintenance contracts and features like OnWatch proactive monitoring with GE HealthCare back-office connectivity.

Probe Repair and Hygiene Solutions

A continuum of support for your probes, including disinfection and hygiene solutions. Stay a step ahead with Probe Check, which assesses the health of your probes and can alert you to potential issues.

Updates, Upgrades, and Device Protection

Protect your ultrasound system from cyber-attacks with Voluson’s comprehensive SonoDefense solution.Easily download Operating System (OS) updates with eDelivery to keep your devices secure and running smoothly.

Voluson Club – Like Family, We are Here for You

The only ultrasound community dedicated to the education and collaboration of women’s health practitioners to help expand your expertise and your practice.

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