Invenia™ ABUS 2.0

Invenia ABUS 2.0, is the first FDA-approved ultrasound supplemental screening technology specifically designed for detecting cancer in dense breast tissue.
At a Glance

Designed for screening

Improve breast cancer detection by 35.7 percent over mammography alone1

Remarkable image quality

Look differently at dense breast tissue with advanced interpretation tools

AI Assistant

Helps to detect and characterize breast lesions for clinical confidence

Invenia ABUS 2.0 transforms breast care from reactive to proactive, helping to detect breast cancers in dense tissue

Approximately 40% of women have dense breasts2, one of the strongest common risk factors for developing breast cancer3. Clinical evidence is growing about the effectiveness of ultrasound for finding small, node-negative, invasive cancers missed by mammography4. Invenia ABUS 2.0 supplemental imaging is designed for the screening environment, specifically for dense breast imaging.

Personalized breast care with Invenia ABUS 2.0 for early detection, confident diagnosis, and treatment along the breast care pathway.

Dense breast tissue and cancer appear white on a mammogram, potentially camouflaging small cancers. Invenia ABUS 2.0, is specifically designed to help clinicians find cancers that may be hidden on mammography1,2.

The power of early cancer detection

Supplemental screening with Invenia ABUS 2.0 transforms breast care from reactive to proactive. When used in addition to mammography, Invenia ABUS 2.0 can improve breast cancer detection by 55 percent over mammography alone5. Women whose breast cancer is detected at an early stage have a 90% or higher survival rate6.

Lesion characterization for confident staging in dense breasts

Invenia ABUS 2.0 uses the latest ultrasound innovations and AI based solutions to help improve precise diagnosis and elevate clinical confidence.

Smart surgical planning

Invenia ABUS 2.0 provides a full view of the breast, depicting the extent of the lesion, multiplicity and potential stromal involvement, helping to achieve a better surgical approach.

Easy monitoring of treatment progress

Invenia ABUS 2.0 uses patient friendly imaging to help monitor treatment progress with the goal of avoiding complications and risk of cancer recurrence. Features such as auto prior function provide a standardized comparison with previous findings.

Bring the power of ABUS to your patients

The Mobile Invenia™ ABUS 2.0 solution allows you to bring this extraordinary patient care to more places with use of the Mobile ABUS Fixation Bracket*. See additional patients by sharing your system with several clinic locations. Or improve access to personalized care with a dedicated mobile screening coach.
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*The Invenia ABUS 2.0 device is not designed for use in a mobile environment unless it is installed using the Mobile ABUS fixation system.


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