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Experience extraordinary image quality without compromise with new technology.
  • SIGNA™ Artist AIR™ Edition

    Our premium 1.5T, 70 cm wide bore MRI system leverages intelligent technology to enable patient-friendly exams with exceptional image quality.

  • SIGNA™ Premier AIR™ Edition

    Our leading, innovative 3.0T MRI system brings you uncompromised 60 cm performance in a 70 cm wide bore for advanced imaging and research.
  • AIR™ Coils

    Lightweight, ultra-flexible, versatile, durable and comforting like a blanket
  • BodyWorks

    With BodyWorks, we address one of the fastest growing areas in MR.
  • The Works with SIGNA™ Lift

    Get a next generation system built around your existing magnet to ascend your imaging performance and clinical capabilities to the highest level of care.
  • MR Radiation Oncology Suite

    Our MR Radiation Oncology Suite provides the tools designed to help you better target and treat tumors through consistent patient positioning.

SIGNA™ MR Community

Welcome to the SIGNA™ MR community, offering educational content, peer-to-peer sharing and in-practice product information.

Precision health through intelligent MR

In today's digital world, everything around us continues to become faster, smarter and more connected. To solve for your greatest challenges, we've bridged innovation with intelligent software, devices and services to elevate the patient experience from the moment they enter the exam room until the results are available for the radiologist.

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