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Complex cases come with enough uncertainty. That's why the Voluson Expert 22 is specifically designed for in-depth assessment of complicated anatomy — with pioneering first trimester, fetal cardiac, gynecological, and other pivotal technologies that focus on early detection and intervention.

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Identifying fetal cardiac abnormalities earlier means you can intervene sooner, plan for delivery, and potentially improve outcomes. The Voluson Expert 22 provides a full solution of progressive tools, to help distinguish the tiniest structures with stunning clarity to provide patient answers faster.

"The Voluson Expert 22 is very helpful in evaluating the fetal heart. When using fetalHQ, one issue is clearly identifying the 4-chamber endocardial border. By using Radiant, it really clears up and identifies more accurately the endocardial border for tracing. The 2D image has improved dramatically making your fetalHQ assessment more accurate."

Dr. Greggory DeVore

Fetal Diagnostic Center - California, USA


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