Contrast Media

Behind every image is a patient. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of contrast media to help meet patient and procedural needs across imaging modalities.


doses currently produced globally every year1


more iodinated contrast media doses to be delivered annually by 20251

4 cGMP

accredited contrast media production facilities globally


invested over the last decade to increase capacity2


Focusing on precision medicine from injection to diagnosis. Each dose, each patient, improving every day. Explore our broad portfolio of contrast media products and solutions.


+PLUSPAK 100% recyclable packaging

Our +PLUSPAK packaging, used for contrast media product, is 100% recyclable. A life-cycle analysis showed that our polypropylene bottles, compared to glass, have a 59% lower environmental impact, and requires 45% less cumulative energy. Our +PLUSPAK bottles, also require less secondary packaging, helping reduce carbon footprint.3

Protecting and optimizing iodine

We have been recycling iodione-based contrast media for healthcare facilities since 2006. Initially launched in Norway, we now offer this recycling programme in 11 European countries and in 2021 expanded it into Canada and the United States.4
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cGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practice
07-2023         JB00093MY