GE Healthcare’s Digital Expert delivers virtual, live, and face-to-face training and support at your pace, on your schedule. Using a mobile tablet, you can easily connect to our clinical applications experts to maximize the full potential of your equipment when—and where you need it.
  • The new normal: virtual interactions

    With busy schedules, limited resources and less time for education, online training and support has become the norm. Staff that isn’t properly trained may impact department efficiency, exam times, and even the quality of the patient experience. Digital Expert is the solution—providing interactive, personalized clinical product training and support—it unlocks the full potential of your GE Healthcare ultrasound equipment.
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Training and support that fits your ultrasound needs

Whether you’re new to GE equipment or an advanced user, you can partake in a broad range of live, face-to-face training courses (lasting from 30–60 minutes) to earn continuing education credits. Or if questions come up during the workday, you can virtually connect with a GE clinical applications specialist to help you get the most out of equipment. Enhancing staff confidence, minimizing disruptions to schedules, and helping standardize care across your department, Digital Expert connects you to the future of online training, education, and support.