• Benefits

    The B40 Patient Monitor: accuracy and speed without compromise.

    The exceptional monitoring capabilities you've come to expect from GE Healthcare now in an adaptable patient monitor, designed with your budget in mind.


    • Monitor a wide range of patients, from pediatrics to adults
    • Use in a variety of settings, from physician offices to ambulatory surgery centers and surgical suites
    • Small footprint fits in even the smallest care areas 
    • Multiple mounting options and range of accessories offer maximum adaptability 
    • Scalable, modular design permits parameter flexibility

    Simplicity of operation

    • Intuitive features and user interfaces require minimal training and setup 
    • 12.1-inch crystal clear display shows up to six waveforms at a glance
    • Get one-button access to commonly used functions
    • Advanced alarm system with preset limits and breakthrough alarms alerts caregivers to critical situations


    • Get dependable performance, patient after patient
    • Rugged design stands up to heavy use in busy care areas
    • Enhance accuracy and speed with trusted GE algorithms: 
      • Cardiac: EK-Pro arrhythmia analysis and ST-segment
      • Hemodynamic: DINAMAPTM SuperSTAT NIBP technology, invasive blood pressure and continuous temperature 
      • Respiratory: CO2 (Et, Fi), O2 (Et, Fi), N2O, agent identification 
      • Pulse oximetry: GE’s TruSignal SpO2 (Masimo and Nellcor options also available.) 
      • Neurology: Entropy (RE, SE, BSR)

    Enhanced networking capability 

    • Monitor works in both CARESCAPETM and S/5 network environments
    • EMR connectivity is offered through the CARESCAPE Gateway server or HL7 output directly from the monitor
    • Patient data is easily shared and available where needed
    • Collaborate with the GE anesthesia delivery system to create a workstation for the OR or surgery center
  • Care Area Features

    For Perioperative Care:

    Enjoy a continuous flow of quality patient information from pre-op to the PACU with the adaptable and economical B40 Patient Monitor. You'll get:

    • Exceptional clinical measurements, including leading hemodynamic, anesthetic gas or entropy measurements
    • Customizable settings and alarms to accommodate different patient types and acuities
    • Small footprint that fits easily into perioperative care areas where space is at a premium
    • Portability so the monitor can easily be moved to different care areas within the hoapital as needed
    • Network connectivity, allowing you to view your patient at the GE central station and send patient data to the EMR system
    • Integrated perioperative system, combining hemodynamic and anesthetic gas monitoring, along with an innovative GE anesthesia delivery system that may enhance your workflow
    • E-ENTROPY Module compatibility, which contains GE's unique Entropy algorithm that monitors the state of the brain
    • N-CAiO airway gas option for real-time breath-by-breath values, fast oxygen management and sidestream measurement for intubated and nonintubated patients
  • For Specialty Care Areas:

    Benefit from the versatile clinical capabilities to monitor a wide range of patients in your Specialty areas. Take advantage of:

    • Alarm flexibility and management, including critical alarms breakthrough even if alarms are turned off
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface to enable better decision support
    • Pre-defined settings for ECG, respiratory, NIBP, SpO2, temperature and optional C02 customized to patient profiles
    • C02 Module compatibility, single width airway module for compact C02 sidestream respiratory monitoring
    • Mounting options to fit your bedside needs - easily wall mounted or portable with roll stand
    • Network connectivity, allowing you to view your patient at the GE central station and send patient data to the EMR system
  • Clinical Measurements & Modules

    Modules for the B40 Patient Monitor

    The B40 Patient Monitor’s semi-modular platform allows you to customize the monitor with multiparameter combinations and a space for a single-width module.

    Hemodynamic module 

    • 3- or 5-lead ECG 
    • Impedance respiration 
    • SpO2 
    • Noninvasive blood pressure
    • 2-channel temperature 
    • Optional 2-channel InvBP

    Key clinical measurement technologies: 

    • EK-Pro arrhythmia analysis 
    • ST analysis 
    • TruSignal* SpO2 technology (Masimo and Nellcor options also available.)

    Neurology E-Entropy Module: Contains GE’s unique Entropy* algorithm that monitors the state of the brain in adults and children over age two. The Entropy measurement may: 

    • Aid in monitoring the effects of certain anesthetic agents 
    • Help the user titrate anesthetic drugs according to the patient’s needs 
    • Assist in the reduction of anesthetic use and help facilitate a quick emergence from anesthesia

    Respiratory: Modules assist in essential anesthesia gas monitoring. Features include: 

    • Real-time breath-by-breath inspiratory and expiratory values measured right at the patient’s airway: CO2, O2, Fi-EtO2 difference, N2
    • Fast oxygen measurement for accurate EtO2 and FiO2 values 
    • Airway gases measured by the sidestream method, enabling monitoring of intubated and nonintubated patients 
    • Automatic identification of the single agent in use, alert of agent mixture detection 
    • MAC (Minimum Alveolar Concentration) and MACage with age, temperature and ambient pressure compensation: E-sCAiO 
    • Sidestream CO2: E-miniC 
    • Sidestream CO2, O2 and N2O: E-sCO
    • Sidestream CO2, O2 agents and N2O: E-sCAiO, N-CAiO

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