• Clinical benefits

    Get the whole picture. Make quick, sound decisions.

    Consider the power of one reliable source for patient information – current and past. In critical care, cardiac care, ApexPro™ telemetry and emergency care, it delivers data to support confident decision-making.

    Review monitor data. Get active as well as historic data as patients move within or between care areas. You can access data on patient stays for up to six days post-discharge: Data from recent visits can give valuable insight to patient's current condition.

    Full disclosure. View up to six days of data, including:

    • Arrhythmia events (up to 2000)

    • 12SL or 12RL™ derived 12-lead ECG records from monitoring sessions

    • Patient-configurable full-disclosure page displays of ECG, respiration, SpO2 and IBP

    Trend analysis: Review up to 72 hours of trended data (depending on monitoring device configuration).1

    ST review. Continuously monitor for subtle ST-segment changes and help detect the onset of adverse events.

    Data integration. Draw in data from the MARS™ ambulatory ECG review station and the MUSE™ cardiology information system. Citrix® support enables access to additional clinical information.

    Alarm configuration. Exceptional flexibility helps you limit nuisance alarms, fight alarm fatigue, and create quite spaces where patients can heal.

    Respiratory review: Respiratory waveforms and additional ventilator settings of patients on ventilators via the Unity Network™ ID help minimize bedside visits for status updates.

    View multiple patients at once. Parameter numerics and waveforms for up to 16 patients at a time, and up to four waveforms per patient, enable you to monitor multiple patient rooms from an alternate monitoring area.

  • Workspace benefits

    Flexible configurations. Efficient use of space.

    The CARESCAPE Central Station hardware is designed to conserve space, save you precious time, and adapt to your clinicians’ preferences. A wide screen with 16:9 aspect ratio lets you display more waveform information; touchscreen capability makes workflow highly efficient.

    You can easily adapt the system hardware to fit your clinicians’ viewing habits. Options include compact configurations with no CPU cabinet – the CPU is built right into the primary display. Speakers are also built in, so more desktop space stays clear and free from clutter.



1. For Solar™ and Dash™ monitors and ApexPro™ telemetry, where the systems are limited to 24 hours, the central station will collect the 24 hours of trend data and will continue to collect additional hours, up to 72 hours, from these systems as long as the communications are not disrupted
2. Not available in all areas. Check with your sales representative for availability.