Prodigy DXA systems help enhance your patient care and practice workflow with the following benefits:


    Most Trusted DXA System

    When it comes to DXA technology, you can’t go wrong with Prodigy. With narrow-angle fan beam technology, a robust design refined over 30 years, and over 14,500 units installed worldwide, plus hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in leading journals, you can be assured of Prodigy’s ability to help you care for your patients.


    Optimal patient and practice management

    Prodigy efficiently provides you with accurate bone mineral density (BMD) and other body composition analyses. Prodigy’s advanced features not only help your DXA scanning process flow with ease, but they also help enable you to manage your patient data and business more effectively.


    Third generation DXA technology—with over 30 years of innovations, including:

    • Narrow-angle fan-beam with MVIR—that eliminates magnification error1
    • LYSO crystal detector that provides efficiency and excellent energy resolution