Lunar iDXA puts you on the cutting edge with these benefits:

  • Clarity

    Crisp, high resolution images and precise measurements to help you diagnose with confidence. Assessment is made easy with Lunar iDXA system's extra-crisp images. Lunar iDXA offers the latest generation of DXA technology from GE Healthcare. It’s vertebral assessment is comparable to radiographs in identifying and classifying deformities concerning etiology, grade, and shape, while using a lower dose of radiation.

  • Precision

    Lunar iDXA's detector technology enables an extremely precise measurement of the bone, allowing you to track changes that had previously been too minor to detect. You can better manage treatment plans, which promotes better patient compliance.

  • Technology

    Lunar iDXA helps with exceptional precision, due to its direct-to-digital detector plus staggered array and narrow-angle fan beam technology with Multi-View Image Reconstruction (MVIR). This corrects magnification error that is observed with competitive wide-angle fan beam systems.

  • Versatility

    Lunar iDXA is equipped with a wide range of clinical applications with the enCORE software platform that helps you leverage the best of the DXA technology for research projects in bone health or study body composition, i.e. fat and lean mass distribution and trending for metabolic health applications.