The true potential of PET/CT is its ability to enable a true discovery. A true discovery is different, because it provides reproducible evidence that reveals a greater truth about the human body. A truth that has the ability to not only change the life of one patient, but to transcend an individual to benefit all patients.

Everything we do is with the purpose of providing you with the tools you need to go in search of true discovery. In PET/CT, this means a commitment to making it more accessible and delivering on the promise of personalized care. The result of this commitment is a wide array of technologies designed to help you deliver better patient outcomes.



It takes a certain mind to go in search of true discovery. In PET/CT, they are the clinical researchers looking to set new standards of care and the practitioners working to deliver better outcomes for the patients they see every day. They are also the healthcare providers in developing regions looking to invest in their first molecular imaging technology. These are the minds that we collaborate with to come up with meaningful advancements in PET/CT technology.

The promise of PET/CT is its ability to provide personalized care. Its high resolution and sensitivity allow it to detect small lesions and quantitative tools make it possible to more accurately monitor cancer therapy. It also has the potential to go beyond oncology with disease-specific tracers for neurology and cardiology. Our goal is to help deliver on the promise of personalized care and to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Accomplishing this goal requires a commitment to innovations that reduce dose and improve quantitation accuracy. It also means taking a comprehensive approach to PET/CT. By providing a complete technology solution from tracer development to systems, we can drive down costs and make it more accessible.

It is also what drives our vision for a fully digital PET/CT experience. An experience that starts with best-in-class hardware and software that collects your data in the cloud and then converts that data into actionable insights through deep learning and analytics. All of our systems are equipped with the digital software and analytics you need to start leveraging this fully digital vision right away. If you are interested in digital detection technology as well, you can choose between a system already fitted with a digital detector or an adaptable, digital-detection-ready system.

No matter what PET/CT technology you choose, you will have the tools you need to go in search of true discovery.


Accurate quantitation


Tracer development


Dose efficiency


Expanded access


Fully digital experience

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