Vivid T Series Ultra Edition

Imagine a system that addresses some of your biggest challenges.

Image quality

Impressive image quality at an affordable price for private practices

Extreme productivity

Our latest AI-based technologies can help improve workflow efficiency

Clinical versatility

Multi-purpose system that can be used in abdomen and vascular assessment

Modern ergonomics

A familiar, modern and efficient design with excellent operator interface

Your patients rely on you. You can rely on us. You can rely on Vivid Ultra Edition.

The new Vivid T series ultrasound systems have been designed to meet today’s challenges. To allow more quality time with patients, increase diagnostic confidence, and reduce inter-operator variability - all at a price point accessible for private practices.

Achieve clinical excellence

The Vivid T series cardiovascular ultrasound has been designed to meet today’s challenges. The Vivid T series allows more quality time with patients, increases diagnostic confidence, and reduces inter-operator variability - all at a price point accessible for private practices.

Designed for your busy practice.

Vivid T series provides reliable and ergonomic design, powered with AI applications for extreme productivity without compromising quality of care. Enjoy long-term peace of mind with modern and secure software design, remote updates, and warranty coverage.

Seamless integration with post-processing and review workflows through open 4D multivendor

EchoPAC Software Only and EchoPAC Plug-in allow users to analyze and review data from any Vivid ultrasound system, as well as DICOM images from other ultrasound systems. DICOM SR Measurement Transfer, including standard and custom measurement allows seamless integration with GE HealthCare and other industry reporting systems and EMRs.

Maximize the Vivid lifecycle experience while minimizing your total cost of ownership

Purchasing a GE HealthCare ultrasound is not only getting access to a high-technology or remarkable clinical applications. It’s about enjoying a new user experience, at every step of ownership. We help you to outperform today, while preparing your department for tomorrow’s challenges.
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Hear what your peers are saying


"With Vivid T9 you can achieve an accurate diagnosis with confidence in any cardiac pathology.”
Dr. Angela López Sainz
Hospital Clinic in Barcelona

"The Vivid T9 Ultra Edition AI-based automated measurements help my staff complete a standard echo exam faster, and with less variability. The new Penetration button on the touch screen helps give the sonographers the extra boost we often need with challenging imaging windows. As a busy private cardiology practice, we appreciate having these advanced options available on an affordable cardiovascular ultrasound system.”
Dr. Adurthy Ananth Shankar, MD
Director, Cardiovascular Division
Essen Healthcare, New-York, USA

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