• Image Management

    Excellent image review

    Simplify your image management with the powerful solution that provides quick and easy access to images, clips and volumes.

    • Receive and manage thousands of images in one workstation
    • Go paperless and help save time and cost
    • Optimize your workflow

    ViewPoint 6 offers powerful features that help improve productivity and quality of review for your practice. 

  • Reporting

    Ultrasound Reporting Simplified

    Create quality custom ultrasound reports quickly and efficiently.

    Clean, organized ultrasound reports with images, graphs and diagrams document the most important details. Advanced reporting for OB/GYN includes:

    • Medical History
    • Growth Scan
    • Early Pregnancy
    • 1st Trimester Ultrasound
    • 2nd/3rd Trimester Ultrasound
    • Pelvic Ultrasound
    • Consultation Letter
    • Fetal Wellbeing incl. Biophysical Profile

    ViewPoint 6 helps increase daily efficiency with clear and easy-to-use ultrasound reports.

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  • Workflow

    Enhance efficiency and quality in your daily routine

    Digital ultrasound reporting and image management helps you to:

    • Reduce manual and duplicate data entry
    • Eliminate hand written and printed reports
    • Minimize clicks to complete a report
    • Decrease report turnaround time
    • Increase ultrasound availability to do more scans

    Powerful advanced features help ensure you run your practice smoothly and efficiently. ViewPoint 6 makes the transfer of information easier with your EMR system.

    From the start of the exam to final storage, ViewPoint 6 can help make your workflow easier, faster, and simpler.

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