A single x-ray room to meet your clinical needs

Delivering consistent images in fast, easy and comfortable exams is the goal of every radiology department. However, with increasing cost pressures and high patient volumes, finding a system that can efficiently handle your patient load and fit into your existing space without added construction costs can be a challenge. 

Introducing Definium XR/f, GE Healthcare’s versatile and robust digital system designed to help you perform a variety of head-to-toe, dose-efficient radiographic exams on patients of all sizes, ages and degrees of mobility. In addition, the system is compact and floor-mounted, so it doesn’t require infrastructure reinforcements. That means not only can Definium XR/f meet your clinical needs, it can accommodate your infrastructure as well.

Move to digital x-ray with this intuitive, efficient system

Imagine a system that lets technologists familiar with analog or digital x-ray systems walk right up and get to work. That’s the Definium XR/f. It is so intuitive and easy to use, it helps streamline the transition to digital x-ray. Plus, the system is ergonomic and flexible, making positioning patients nearly effortless. 

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  • Definium XR/f is remarkably easy to use

    Complete exams quickly with a 1-second image preview. See fully processed images within 6 seconds. 

    Minimize charging with detectors that can last an entire shift on a full charge. (Up to 300 exposures). 

    Reduce drops that cause detector damage with convenient charging in the wall stand and table bucky. 

    Speed workflow with a collimator light that’s automatically activated by footpedals or brakes. 

    Send single images to PACS, without the need to close the exam, so images can begin to be interpreted by the physician, during trauma situations. This results in both efficient workflow and speedy patient care. 

    Get simple and consistent alignment every time with horizontal table bucky tracking option. 

  • The flexibility to fit right in and the reliability to keep performing

    Your investment in Definium XR/f will serve you well now and into the future. From the start, installation is made easy with this free-standing, compact system. Not only does the modern-looking system provide an integrated look for your facility, but it has flexible power requirements that can help you avoid making expensive power compatability alterations. 

    Confidently image any patient who comes through the door with Definium XR/f. 

  • Deliver an exceptional patient experience

    First impressions mean a great deal, and when patients first set eyes on the Definium XR/f, it’s modern, inviting design can help put their exam anxieties at ease.

    Accommodate patients of all sizes with a an easy-on/ easy-off, fully-flat bariatric table that can support up to 770 pounds/350 kg. 

    Ease patient loading for all patients (even those in wheel chairs) with a table that goes as low as 19inches/49 cm. The same table elevates as high as 35 inches/90cm, offering great flexibility for extremity exams. 

    Elevate patient safety when you eliminate the need for step stools with a wallstand that can go to floor-level. 

    Speed up exam time with telescopic tube arm that reaches across the table. 

    Give technologists more flexibility for on and off table exams with a wide horizontal travel range.
  • High-quality, low-dose images, patient after patient.

    Increase diagnostic confidence with high resolution (100 micron) images. 

    Acquire dose-efficient high-quality images with AeroDR HD detectors with 72% DQE. 

    Detector sizes available in 10”x12”; 14”x17” and 17”x17”. 

    Flexibility in detector choices allows you to get the optimal balance between dose efficiency and image quality for your needs.

Ready when you are

  • Get expert service you can trust

    Definium XR/f comes backed by a local GE service team with a proven record of prompt response, accurate diagnosis and fast, definitive repairs - so you can expect high uptime and uninterrupted patient care.
  • Stay sharp with training and clinical education

    Effective imaging requires clinicians with the knowledge and skills to use the Definium XR/f system and other GE technologies to their full potential. GE Healthcare offers numerous clinical and applications training options, on site and online, to fit your needs and schedule. Bring your team up to speed quickly, keep up with new advanced applications, train up new hires, provide refreshers for existing staff, and provide continuing education credits, all with minimal impact on patient flow.