Position yourself for an easier experience

The Optima XR646 is designed to help your team perform exams quickly and with ease. With the AutoRAD package of automated features, you can feel good knowing that exams are efficient, patients are comfortable, and radiologists are confident.

• Set up exams quickly and confidently
• Position patients with ease and flexibility
• Achieve maximum clinical versatility and productivity
• Gain confidence in areas of clinical uncertainty, in ways
• that help you work quickly and efficiently


  • Position yourself for an easier experience with AutoRAD on the GE Optima XR646.

    AutoRAD is a 5-in-1 automation package that has been designed to address your unique workflow needs. Set up exams quickly and confidently and position patients with flexibility with the following easy-to-use features.

    Set up exams and position patients with ease and flexibility.

    The Optima XR646 is designed to simplify and shorten every step of the exam to help technologists perform exams efficiently and with ease.

    Accommodates a wide range of patient sizes and ages.

    • Image large patients with greater comfort and convenience on the  spacious, 240 cm x 93 cm tabletop.
    • Make it easy for children impaired patients to get on and off the table with low vertical positioning just 50 cm (19.7 in) of the floor.
    • Accommodate patients weighing up to 400 kg with the table's high weight capacity, a nd conveniently move the elevating table up and down while moving the table top for fine positioning.
  • Optimize setup time and patient throughput.

    • Set up exams in a single step with Auto Protocol AssistTM, which allows protocols to be automatically selected and initiated
    • Optimize time spent on collimation adjustments with Auto- Field-of View TM

    Extend your performance. Clinically. Efficiently. Financially.

    The Optima XR646 is designed to help you improve your imaging operation for greater productivity and uptime and to boost your clinical capacity. Its smooth workflow and easy to use features help ensure that both staff and patients are satisfied.

    Help reduce time and effort required for positioning.

    • Synchronize tube and detector tracking with Auto Tracking
    • Automatically send acquired images to multiple destinations with Auto Send.

  • Consistent image quality and the seamless acquisition of image sequences.

    • Automatic collimator edge detection with Auto Shutter.
    • Minimal down time for QA and no user calibrations required with Auto Quality Assurance.
    • Automatically acquire long-bone or spine images with Auto Image Paste.

    Full speed ahead

     • Preview images in less than 3 seconds to instantly evaluate image quality.
    • Use either the workstation’s keyboard or touch screen interface to adjust exam parameters.
    • Easily select preset field of view selections in either portrait or landscape view located on the overhead tube suspension user interface

  • Expert support always on hand.

    • Minimize downtime by instantly connecting your system with a GE digital services expert, to resolve any issues, remotely via GE's InSite remote service.
    • With Appslinq1, get live application support from a clinical expert over the phone and through your equipment console.
    • Our remote experts can help solve procedural issues in real time as you encounter them.

  1. Option may not be available in all countries, check with your local representative.