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It takes a certain mind to go in search of true discovery. In nuclear medicine, they are the clinical researchers looking to set new standards of care, the practitioners working to deliver better outcomes for the patients they see every day and the cardiologists seeking a better understanding of the heart. While they all have the same goal, their needs are different and can't all be met with one system or technology.

Nuclear medicine is an excellent choice for physicians at the forefront of medicine. It has a wide range of available radioisotopes with various energy emission levels and longer half-lives. It also has the flexibility to explore multiple pathways in a single session. These are some of the reasons why we made a commitment to realizing the full potential of - and growing - this modality.

This commitment involves making nuclear medicine technology more accessible and enabling it to provide results that are more valuable to referring physicians. It means driving down daily operational costs and innovating in four key areas: image quality, dose reduction, exam speeds and quantitative applications. All with the end result of enabling better clinical and economic outcomes.

It also includes our vision for a fully digital nuclear medicine experience. An experience that starts with best-in-class hardware and software that collects your data in the cloud and then converts that data into actionable insights through deep learning and analytics. All of our systems are designed to leverage this fully digital vision right away. If you are interested in digital detection technology as well, you can choose between a system already fitted with CZT-based digital detectors or an adaptable, digital-detection-ready system.

No matter what nuclear medicine technology you choose, you will have the tools you need to go in search of true discovery.

Accurate quantitation

High image quality

Short exams

Dose efficiency

Expanded access

Fully digital experience

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