• Key Capabilities:

    1. Pull
    Import protocols to cloud library from CT and MR allow basic edit.

    2. Publish
    View protocols and publish them as “Standard Protocol” for the fleet of same devices.

    3. Push
    Distribute protocols to scanners throughout the hospitals within the organization.

    4. Clinical instruction
    Verify positioning guidelines, contrast delivery, and technologist instructions.

    5. Deviation tracking
    Track and monitor protocol deviation between device and standard protocols on the cloud.

Imaging Protocol Manager helps simplify the process to meet regulatory and accreditation requirements by keeping standardized protocols and their revisions in one location.

Imaging Protocol Manager also provides access to optimized protocols for GE Healthcare CT devices developed, validated, and verified by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the world’s premier healthcare providers and the world’s first and largest school of medical physics.
  • Landing page

    Protocol Manager supports role-based access control. On successful sign in to the Imaging Protocol Manager application with an assigned user account, you can view the application landing page with the selection options for 2 modalities (CT and MR) and also view the global settings.

  • Creating and managing your libraries

    Libraries hold a set of protocols specific to a modality. With Imaging Protocol Manager, by clicking the Settings option on the left pane, you will be able to:

    • Create a new library which will be used to manage your protocols on the cloud
    • List the existing libraries along with details like the library type, corresponding modality, creation date and the user who created it
    • Rename an existing library
    • Mark a library as the standard library for your organization
  • Managing your devices

    The Devices section helps you understand the device interface by displaying device-specific details such as the device name, system ID, device modality and model number, the site information, and the status of the device in the Imaging Protocol Manager. There are two sections on this screen: one for directly connected devices and one for InSite™ back office-connected devices (CT LightSpeed™16 only).

    Modality device view

    This screen lists all the devices registered, with the number of protocols specific to a modality once imported. It lets the user import protocols from the scanner to the cloud library.

    • View the list of protocols for a device relevant to a population category or an anatomical region, or sort them by protocol name, device model or device instance options
    • Provides a baseline to ensure that the protocols in a device are in sync with the protocols in the standard library
    • Import protocols from the device to the cloud device library
  • Managing your protocols

    The Protocol Libraries section in Imaging Protocol Manager will help manage your protocols by providing visibility and ability on the following:

    • View the list of libraries for the selected modality
    • View/filter the list of protocols for the selected library
    • Rename protocols
    • Push selected protocols from the standard library to one or multiple devices
    • View parameters and clinical instructions for the selected protocol
  • Viewing transaction status

    The Transaction Status section in Imaging Protocol Manager will help view and filter the running transactions with event, site, date/time, and user details in two tabs:

    • The Devices tab will display the status of the pull and the push events
    • The Library code will display the status of the copy and manage events

In the standard customer success engagement:

  • Customer Success Manager (CSM) is involved from the outcome-scoping phase until its realization.
  • Through regular and sustained touchpoints, the CSM coaches the customer team, leveraging Change Acceleration Process (CAP) expertise/tools from the definition of the vision and governance mechanisms to the follow-up action and initiatives.
  • To support customer success, the CSM can leverage GE Healthcare clinical experts, educational materials, and technical privileged support.

What is the GE Health Cloud?

The GE Health Cloud is designed to be a scalable, secure, connected, and interoperable platform, delivering the largest application ecosystem for the healthcare industry.

System specifications & technical requirements

Data privacy and security

The Imaging Protocol Manager application helps to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data. To support adequate security for customer data, GE Healthcare has implemented required security measures at physical, network, and application levels of the application.