• 3DCT HD

    3DCT HD provides fine image details simultaneously on cross-sections and volume rendered to help you clearly visualize vessels, small devices and soft tissues. 2 Specific acquisition parameters and automatic artifact reduction algorithms can improves image quality and increase your clinical confidence for each application. 3DCT HD MAR reduces streak artifacts induced by the presence of small metallic devices such as coils or clips within the 3D field of view.6
    3DCT HD Motion Freeze is designed to reduce artefacts caused by involuntary respiratory motion during the rotational acquisition and recover small detail visibility impacted by motion.6

  • InnovaSpin

    The offset C-arm permits fast-spin rotational angiography over a maximum range of 200°at variable speeds from 20°to 40°/sec (maximum speed of 30°/s from LAO to RAO) with flexible cranio/caudal oblique angulations. The enhanced InnovaSpinTM trajectories are not constrained to a single transverse plane and can be used at oblique angulations within physical constraints.3

  • InnovaBreeze

    Follow the contrast bolus in real time subtracted images, using variable panning speed control, with an easy workflow.Image pasting to visualize the entire length of the subtracted bolus chase on a single image.5

1. Modification of preferences by requesting it to your entity responsible for the servicing of your equipment.
2. 3DCT HD is an option sold separately. Includes 3DXR. Requires AW workstation and Volume Viewer
3. Option may not be available in all countries, nor all systems, check with your local representative
4. Option. Available on IGS 520 and IGS 530 configurations
5. InnovaBreeze is optional on IGS 530 and IGS 540 configurations and itrequiresan AW Workstation. Advantage paste is included in InnovaBreeze.
6. MAR & Motion Freeze are optional features of 3DXR. Sold separately. The improvement related to Motion Freeze depends on the acquisition conditions, table position, patient, type of motion, anatomical location and clinical practice, it has been assessed visually on a physical phantom.