• Intelligent Productivity Tools

    GE Healthcare continues to drive innovation in healthcare by providing radiologists and clinicians with solutions for image viewing, editing, and evaluation of patient conditions, leading to quick diagnoses and enhanced outcomes in patient care.  The Centricity Universal Viewer Intelligent Tools act as Intelligent Clinical Assistants to help improve productivity and increase access to patient data to help enhance diagnostic confidence.

    Smart Reading Protocols (SRP) is GE Healthcare’s exclusive, patented technology that reduces Image setup time, helping to improve productivity. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, SRP does not require the user to setup hanging protocol rules. Rather, during the normal review process, radiologists hang images based on their preferences and simply “teach” the system using a one-click learning feature.

    Timeline and Navigator with Smart Relevancy presents the patient’s imaging history in simple graphical format, with gaps in service clearly highlighted.  Relevant remote studies are inserted on the timeline with the local studies. Relevancy for remote studies is determined by ontology mapping rules, using the same AI technology as SRP to match to the primary study.

    SmartLoading™ delivers diagnostic quality images to any location quickly. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to immediately deliver discernible images and to adapt its load method to the user. It “reads” any actions by the user and upgrades images accordingly.

    Intelligent Worklist is feed by AutoServe, an AI feature that allocates studies to Radiologists using rules based algorithms to drive efficient workload balancing. Rules can encompass a number of variables such as modality, body part, location, procedure type, SLAs and RVUs for the procedures. Working together with the Intelligent Worklist, it provides smart allocation and serving of studies including workload balancing, ensuring the right study goes to the right diagnostician at the right time, including the ability to redirect exams when the radiologist is not available.

    Imaging Related Clinical Context (IRCC) delivers relevant patient clinical content in context, including EMR data such as surgical notes, pathology reports, and clinical notes, directly to the radiologist and embedded in their existing workflow. This allows radiologists a more complete picture of the patient to more quickly reach a more confident diagnosis.

  • Workflow Manager with Intelligent Worklists

    Centricity Universal Viewer comes with an intuitive workspace uniquely designed for radiologists and trained professionals to organize, prioritize, and manage exams for interpretation. It provides access to clinical information and images along with connectivity to third party information and reporting systems, presenting images and information in an intuitive format and supporting them with clinical relevance.

    Custom User Worklists reduce dependency on system administrators by allowing users to create their own worklists.

    Worklists Filtering and Sorting with full screen visuals and patient context for each exam allow easy and quick identification and prioritization of work.

    PIX Based Multi-Domain support enables single or multi-facility worklist.

    Case Assignment and Locking with auto-unlocking rules.

    Recent Exam List with reverse chronological ordering of opened cases, reports and other items makes it easier to find read exams to review against the transcription.

    User Defined Foldering provides the ability to create hierarchical folders and save exams for future reference such as teaching/academia and peer/quality review.

  • Native Breast Imaging

    Centricity Universal Viewer’s native breast imaging option provides access to a broad set of imaging tools, supports screening and diagnostic workflows and the display of multimodality images on the same workstation.

    This distinctive application allows mammographers and radiologists to rapidly access patient history and relevant priors along with the ability to read all image types available for the patient on the same workstation, helping reduce the need to maintain separate, stand-alone workstations and separate specialized systems. For organizations without dedicated mammographers, breast images can be read as part of the overall workflow.

    The mammography and breast imaging workflow application features multimodality reading with customizable step protocols and CAD display. Image types supported include mammography, tomosynthesis, breast MR, breast ultrasound, and Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM). Non-breast images available in the system can be displayed to help provide more information on the patient. Breast images are available for cardiologists to view to help enhance diagnosis and treatment recommendations..

  • Clinical Access

    Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint (ZFP) provides clinicians, radiologists, cardiologists and specialists enterprise-wide and community-wide access to images and reports from anywhere3 on the user's device of choice4. Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP provides access to direct or through connectivity with your institution's Electronic Medical Record (EMR), HIS, RIS or physician portal applications. Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP is cleared for diagnostic use5 and helps physicians view the clinical content that is available for a patient across the longitudinal care continuum. Both DICOM data and XDS (Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing) content can be viewed in a single solution.

  • Universal Viewer with Cardiology capabilities

    Centricity Universal Viewer supports enterprise wide advanced visualization and quantification tools for Cardiology, offering a single source for coronary and vascular analysis, nuclear cardiology, volume analysis, and echo measurement and analysis tools such as 2D strain, 3D and 4D visualization. Centricity Universal Viewer offers embedded access to GE Healthcare's EchoPAC™ Plug-In, AW Advanced Visualization, Medis™ and TOMTEC™ tools.  

    Centricity Universal Viewer provides access to the following tools:

    • Coronary and Vascular Analysis
    • Stenosis Analysis 
    • Ventricular Analysis 
    • Echo Analysis 
    • Stress Echo Analysis 
    • Advanced 3D/4D Echo Analysis Tools 
    • Vascular Ultrasound Review & Measurements
    • CT & MR advanced visualization tools
    • Connectivity with GE Healthcare MUSE™ ECG Management System & GE Healthcare Xeleris™ 


  • Centricity Universal Viewer with Xeleris™

    As a nuclear medicine clinician today, you're being asked to do more, in more places with fewer resources. Your world is unique and you need technology that can adapt quickly and intuitively. That's where Xeleris can help. With our latest release as one of the industry's leading nuclear medicine image management solutions, Xeleris has never been more capable.

    The Xeleris platform has a heritage of delivering innovative productivity tools, built-in connectivity, exceptional processing speed and advanced versatility. By giving you access to information where and when you need it, Xeleris helps you do more with your nuclear medicine department.

    Increased access to Xeleris applications on Centricity Universal Viewer and the AW Server may help improve your reading efficiency and diagnostic confidence as well by having more relevant data available for image interpretation. Also, single workstation review can help improve the economy and efficiency of your reading room. And access improvements providing image data in more locations outside of the reading room can lead to greater confidence, efficiencies and potentially improve collaboration.

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  1. Refer to the list of supported devices and supported browsers in the technical information section of this datasheet.
  2. Refer to the list of supported devices and supported browsers in the technical information section of this datasheet.
  3. Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP client has been validated and cleared for diagnostic use on Microsoft®Windows® and Apple® Mac® products. ZFP has also received CE Mark for diagnostic use. As regulatory clearance requirements differ by country and region, GE Healthcare must obtain clearance in countries where local specific regulatory approvals are required. Your sales representative can provide information on the status of availability in your area. ZFP can also be used on the Apple® iPad,® Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1 and Galaxy Tab® 4 in a review only mode and is not meant for primary diagnosis on these devices. Please refer to the product datasheet for a list of operating systems and browsers supported on these devices.
  4. Provided by TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH, Edisonstrasse 6, 85716 Unterschleissheim, Germany.
  5. Where an internet connection is available.