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Introduction our latest CT Scanner, Revolution Maxima - GE Healthcare

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  • AI-based Auto positioning
  • Dose optimization up to 82 %
  • High quality image :1024 Matrix reconstruction

Revolution™ Maxima AI-based Auto Positioning CT

Revolution™ Maxima Fast Facts

  • Hands free, one-click Auto-positioning

    A.I based technology Pinpoints the center of the scan range and automatically aligns it with the isocenter of the bore with one click for a completely hands-free positioning experience

  • Dose optimization

    Accurate localizer centering powered by A.I based accuracy in positioning helps to achieve an appropriate balance of radiation exposure

  • Image quality 1024 matrix

    The 1024 Matrix is an additional matrix format available for image reconstruction in addition to standard 512 reconstruction matrix.

  • Smart applications

    A collection of Intelligent applications for cardiac, stroke, oncology and metal artifacts that continues to support high-quality images.

One-click, hands-free automation

  • Revolution Maxima simplifies the entire patient setup process. Innovative auto centering technology is at the core of our improved scan experience, but it starts with related protocol recommendations. By comparing the exam description against a database of scan protocols, the system displays a short list of protocols to choose from. What used to take valuable time searching for the right protocol and then manually positioning the patient in the bore, can now be done with a quick selection and the simple click of a button.

Smart select

Quickly get to the appropriate protocol by choosing from a simple list of related protocols.

Auto center

By calculating the 3D center of the scan range, the system knows exactly how to align the table in the bore.

Click to position

With the click of a button, automatically position your patient at the start location of the scan.

Dose Optimisation

  • Mis-centering causes magnification and leads to unnecessary radiation dose exposure to patients. Accurate localizer centering is required to achieve an appropriate balance of radiation exposure and image noise. With precise landmarking in scout scan and the ability to accurately detect the isocentre of the patient, Revolution Maxima may help to avoid Unnecessary radiation exposure to patients  to ensure the most appropriate low dose is catered to patients. together with dose reduction software, ASiR-V, the CT provides us with the right tools to get to the right diagnosis at the lowest dose possible.

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