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Image quality makes all the difference

  • A limitless platform for now and the future

    Revolution Apex was engineered to take the “uncompromised” vision of the Revolution CT platform one step further. Not only does it give you access to the best in coverage, spatial resolution, temporal resolution and spectral imaging capabilities in one system, the power of the Quantix™ 160 Tube elevates each of these attributes to the next level of performance. The result is a platform with the limitless performance you need to achieve outstanding image quality for current and future patients.
  • The benchmark of image quality for every image

    The combination of the new Quantix™ tube and image reconstruction technology takes an uncompromised platform even further by elevating each of the core image quality attributes. Revolution Apex provides you with the image quality you need to make a powerful first impression every time. 
  • Premium clinical solutions for challenging clinical cases

    The true testament of CT engineering is to make something work beyond the ideal patient under ideal circumstances. With software and hardware designed to truly work together, Revolution Apex provides the best image quality not just for the ideal patient, but.
    for every patient. 
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A limitless platform for now and the future

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The best image quality for every patient

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