carescape one – the intra-hospital transport monitoring solution you need
CARESCAPE ONE fulfills transport needs across care areas and for different patient acuities. Patient data is always visible. Reliably captured. Never interrupted.
carescape parameters
Smart and miniaturized technology secures easy integration of today’s and tomorrow´s clinical advancements
awarded design shifts focus from device

CARESCAPE ONE is one of the If Design Award 2019 winners. The monitor was designed to reduce complexity and simplify transport within the hospital. In March 2019, it was awarded by the iF Design jury.

  • ONE Standardized Solution

    True device standardization streamlines asset management, optimizing total cost of ownership.

  • ONE Flexible System

    Smart medical USB interface  enables dynamic parameter recognition to instantly adapt to patient acuities and care area needs.

  • ONE Powerful Transport

    With a lightweight intuitive design, every patient monitor is ready for intra-hospital transport without the need for additional components.

  • ONE Bold Concept

    Smart and miniaturized technology secures easy integration of today’s and tomorrow´s clinical advancements.

  • ONE Simplified Workflow

    Fully enabled CARESCAPE ONE adapts to changing care environments with the simple step of a parameter connection.

  • ONE Durable Design

    System crafted with highly resistant materials to fit the most demanding clinical environments.


  • The CARESCAPE ONE monitoring system provides a standardized yet fully flexible platform with one device and one software to support cost effective fleet management.

  • Comprehensive set of flexible measurements by the CARESCAPE PARAMETERS to meet the various needs for low and high acuity intra-hospital transfer.

  • CARESCAPE ONE integrates seamlessly to your enterprise ecosystem throughout care areas improving traceability, staff efficiency and clinical decision-making.

  • Familiar user interface and autorotating touch screen further reduces typical workflow challenges. A swipe function lets you easily switch between data displays.

  • Supports bedside and transport clinical workflows across different patient environments and acuity levels by functioning as an independent intra-hospital transport monitor and a multi-parameter acquisition module compatible with the CARESCAPE B850 monitor.

  • Ultra-light, portable and compact design and highly visible display makes virtually any bed a transport bed without additional components.

  • Truly modular open architecture based intra-hospital transport unit with large screen and interchangeable medical USB connectors.

  • A system crafted with highly robust materials fits the most demanding clinical environments.

CARESCAPE ONE for harsh clinical environments

CARESCAPE ONE and CARESCAPE PARAMETERS are built to resist breakage, cuts, abrasion, impact, fluid ingress - all the challenges of harsh clinical settings.
customer feedback
  • “With our current monitoring system, the cables sometimes get twisted when plugging them in. The CARESCAPE PARAMETER connectors are much easier to attach. And as the USB ports are identical, you may plug any parameter into any port.”

    Inna Pennanen, Acute nurse,
    CCU/ICU, Peijas Hospital
    Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

  • “It would be great if the patient could go on a single monitor through the entire care pathway. It’s wonderful to have a good transport monitor; one that I can trust to provide all the necessary data even with the sickest patients. CARESCAPE ONE provides me with all the data I need. I don’t need to fetch any extra devices or equipment if I want to take more parameters.”

    Tiina Matikainen, Anesthesia nurse,
    OR, Children’s Hospital,
    Helsinki University Hospital, Finland


    Prof. Erwan L’Her lecture at GE Symposium
    ESICM LIVES 2018

    Listen to the full lecture of Prof. Erwan L’Her,
    from CHRU de Brest, France, during ESICM LIVES 2018.
  • CARESCAPE ONE installation at Alb Fils Hospital Göppingen, Germany

    Feedback from Prof. Fischer Head of Department of Anaesthesiology, Surgical Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and Pain Management and Mr. Haug Head of nursing involved in the installation and use of CARESCAPE ONE.

    Learn from European Experts and discover latest clinical trends in patient intra hospital transport.
  • Read the answers from the experts of the LIVE TV Critical Care

    “How to optimize patient intra hospital transport?”

Ease of service

Every CARESCAPE ONE and CARESCAPE host monitor comes with a two-year preventive maintenance schedule that reduces service costs.  

Flexible warranty and service offerings are customizable to meet your needs. Robust data encryption and cyber security ensure protection of patient data. The CARESCAPE Service Interface (CSI) allows you to manage and troubleshoot your assets saving you time and resources.


GE monitoring solutions are embedded with proven technologies for clinical performance based upon a strong heritage of working with physiological parameters and partnerships GE capitalized over the last decades. CARESCAPE ONE reaches its highest potential when combined with other WeConnectCAPE monitoring.