• Features

    Mr Standard (top) and SER (bottom) application work areas showing source images, functional images, and graph view.
    • Optimizes workflow with access to READY View from - PACS workstation, AW Workstation, or PC.
    • Provides a simple workflow allowing for review and manipulation of acquired images (MIP, MPR, 3D) and processing & fusion of functional data.
    • Provides a fully customizable workflow based on adaptable layouts, adjustable parameter settings, and custom review steps.
    • Features a one-touch protocol to select and process functional data.
    • Easy to use slide bars enable real-time parametric image calculation and segmentation.
    • Wizard helps define pre- and post-enhancement image ranges or wash-in and wash-out image ranges. Settings are synchronized with the graphical interface for easy range definition.
    • Automatically calculate color parametric images based on changes in image intensity over time and after adjusting the noise threshold.
    • Segment functional maps by clipping min. and max. values.
    • Automatically change window width and level, and adjust parametric color for optimum clinical case demonstration.
    • MR Standard enables analysis of T1 or T2 contrast changes. Parametric images generated include:
      • Enhancement integral (EI)
      • Time to peak (TTP)
      • Mean time to enhance (MTE)
      • Maximum slope of increase (MSI)
      • Maximum slope of decrease (MSD)
    • Automatically determine type of enhancement (positive, i.e. T1 contrast, or negative, i.e. T2 contrast) based on source image pulse sequence name.
    • Signal Enhanced Ratio (SER) lets you analyze T1 contrast changes. Images provided include:
      • Signal Enhanced Ratio (SER)
      • Maximum slope of increase (MSI)
      • Positive enhancement integral

System Requirements

Intended Use

CT Advanced Visualization

Interventional Advanced Visualization

PET Advanced Visualization

Cardiology Advanced Visualization

Oncology Advanced Visualization

RT Advanced Visualization

Vascular Advanced Visualization