Members of St. Luke’s University Health Network, the first facility to adopt GE’s One-stop diagnostic model for rapid response breast cancer clinics in the US.


What if a diagnosis and treatment plan for breast cancer patients could be produced within hours?

This is a repost of a LinkedIn article by Ben Newton, General Manager of Oncology, GE Healthcare

Waiting an average of 26 days between an initial abnormal mammogram and your first breast consultation is going to be stressful no matter what; but the addition of COVID-19 and the possibility of additional appointments at different locations, presents another level of anxiety.[1] But what if we could massively streamline things for everyone involved in the breast cancer diagnosis and treatment process? What if a diagnosis and treatment plan for breast cancer patients could be produced within  hours?

I’m excited to share that this dream has become a reality. GE Healthcare, with Premier Applied Sciences® team of experts have been collaborating with the goal of bringing same-day breast cancer diagnosis and treatment to the United States. The St. Luke’s University Health Network in Pennsylvania is the first US facility to adopt GE’s One-Stop diagnostic model, with the hope that it will become the standard bearer for rapid response breast cancer clinics in the US.  The dedicated multidisciplinary team under the guidance of Women’s Imaging chief Dr. Karl Yaeger with support from Network Director Michele Brands are changing the paradigm for breast cancer care in the US with hopes to help women receive diagnosis, treatment planning and improved care through the breast care pathway.

The Gustave Roussy Institute in France pioneered the One-Stop rapid diagnostic approach for breast cancer, opening its doors in 2004. The institute offers a radically streamlined patient journey, with the first appointment, diagnosis and treatment plan offered in one place, within the same day, utilizing the expertise of a single team.

Since its inception, more than 21,000 women have received care at the One-Stop clinic at Gustave Roussy with the aid of GE Healthcare’s cutting-edge technology, including the Senographe Pristina™ mammography system, SenoBright™ Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM), and/or biopsy. The end result? More than 80% of patients are able to obtain same-day results and a treatment plan, if necessary.[1] 

The good news doesn’t end there. With a focus on offering global solutions since our inception, GE has also launched 4 centers in Colombia under the guidance of Dr. Sebastian Diaz. In addition, GE has been a long-term partner in improving the healthcare system in Egypt, and has transformed more than 200 hospitals in Egypt since 2017. Breast cancer is the single most common cancer in women in Egypt, comprising 35% of total cancers.[2] We’re proud to share that, as of September 2021, a collaborative effort between GE Healthcare and Gustave Roussy, backed by the Egyptian MOH, aims to fast track the initiative for early detection and treatment planning of breast cancer. Setting up One-Stop clinics will not only advance the quality of care but reduce the overall cost and help improve access to care for women.

The benefits of adopting the One-Stop rapid clinic model are manifold, particularly considering the additional stress COVID-19 has placed on the healthcare system. An estimated 285,000 women missed their annual mammogram between March and June of 2020.[3] With the entire oncology workflow taking place in a single location and within a far shorter time span, risk of exposure to COVID-19 should be mitigated. For healthcare professionals, working as a unified team in One-Stop clinics presents the opportunity to administer more personalized care under less stress than traditional work models. And as we all know, early detection saves lives: treating cancer before it’s had the time to advance to a later stage vastly improves patient outcomes.