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Driven by GE Healthcare’s ingenuity, purpose, and vision, Clinical View is a free resource for medical professionals intended to provide educational materials and clinical information that advances best practices not limited to circulatory, respiratory, and neurological monitoring across a wide variety of care areas.

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GE Healthcare Clinical View cardiac algoruthms and parameter strength ensure accurate and repeatable monitoring.
Accuracy you can trust. Excellence in cardiac monitoring
Caring for cardiac patients requires clinicians to keep track of the latest trends and technologies.

Clinical Function

Receiving ongoing medical education and staying well versed in the best practices of various clinical functions helps clinicians stay prepared—and able to provide quality care—in the moments that matter most.

Care Areas

While a healthcare facility’s mission always centers around providing uncompromising patient care, different departments have different priorities—and different practices.

Find solutions in patient monitoring

GE Healthcare proudly works to develop our own line of innovative patient-monitoring solutions to help drive uncompromised patient care and a more productive clinical workflow. Our goal is to empower facilities with advanced clinical measurements, data analytics, and connectivity solutions, helping healthcare providers achieve more sustainable, reliable outcomes.