Watch to see how easy your first MR can be

Hear from the people who built SIGNA™ Prime and the first customers to use it to learn more about our newest member of the SIGNA™ MR family.
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You are ready for MR

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easy to set up

Green from site to scan

  • Small footprint for easier siting
  • 25% lower power rating
  • Up to 70% less helium consumption over its lifecycle
  • Get to know MR.
    What is a “green” MR?

    MR uses liquid helium as a coolant to give the magnet superconductive properties that allow it to generate a strong magnetic field. Liquid helium is not only expensive and challenging to harness, but it is also becoming scarce. For this reason, our engineers have worked tirelessly to improve existing zero-boil-off technology to further reduce helium consumption. The result of this work is our latest advanced cryogen management technology, which conserves helium through intelligent installation, clinical operation and servicing. It saves you money and conserves this precious natural resource. That’s what we call a “green” MR.
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easy to use

What learning curve?

  • An intuitive, anticipatory user experience close to what you use every day
  • Technologists can learn to use MR in a matter of hours
  • Remote support
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  • Get to know MR.
    Why is UI design so important?

    The user interface, or UI, is the graphical interface you interact with to get a piece of technology to do what you want it to do. A good UI design is so easy to use that you can figure out how it works just by looking at it, which is important for training people new to MR.
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easy to read

AI is here to help

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  • Get to know MR.
    How does AI make images easier
    to read?

    MR uses a reconstruction algorithm to take the raw image data and translate it into an image. AIR™ Recon DL is a deep learning based reconstruction algorithm. Deep learning is a type of artificial intelligence, or AI, that trains the algorithm to automatically identify and remove artifacts from images, making them clearer, sharper and easier to read as well as faster to acquire.
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We’ll make sure your first MR experience is a great one

*510(k) pending with the U.S. FDA. Not available for sale in all regions.