Orthopedic MR imaging

Level up your image quality with AIR™ Recon DL**
Artificial intelligence now offers an exciting new means to mitigate traditional image artifacts and generate clearer, higher-quality images than previously obtainable from the same MR data. AIR™ Recon DL represents a revolution in MR image reconstruction.

Accelerated musculoskeletal imaging solutions with high resolution and consistent tissue contrast

  • Fast

    Advanced acceleration techniques for fast and reliable exams
    • Average 29% scan time savings for 2D knee exams with ARC parallel imaging
    • Up to 50% scan time savings in Cube scans with HyperSense
    • 10-minute isotropic 3D Cube knee exam enabled with HyperSense and HyperCube
  • Consistent

    Motion and distortion-reduced scans with high-resolution and contrast
    • Motion insensitive scanning with PROPELLER
    • Image around MR Conditional implants with MAVRIC SL, accelerated and isotropic resolution with HyperMAVRIC SL
    • Alternative T2* tissue contrast with 2D and 3D MERGE
    • Consistently superior image quality with AIR™ Recon and AIR™ Recon DL**
  • Personalized

    Adapt to any patient.
    • Comfortable, acoustic-reduced imaging with SilentScan
    • Easy orthopedic imaging with AIR(TM) Multi-Purpose Coils*, conforming to the patient's anatomy and supporting accelerated imaging with parallel imaging
  • Quantifiable

    Provide quantitative and actionable information
    • Non-invasive, quantitative assessment of cartilage with CartiGram

Meeting demand requires better MR productivity

  • 31% increase in MRI scans 2007 - 20181
  • 24% of all MR procedures are extremity scans2
  • 24% of all MR procedures are spine scans2

Orthopedic MR clinical cases

Supporting Materials

1. IMV 2018 MR Market Outlook report
2. IMV 2016 MR Market Outlook report
*Not yet CE marked. May not be marketed or placed into service until it has been made to comply with CE marking.
**Not yet CE marked on 1.5T. Not available for sale in all regions.