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Latest software release: SIGNA™Works AIR™ IQ Edition
Streamline your MR department with intelligent applications that boost image quality, productivity and enable growth.

AIR™: A simply better MR experience*

The AIR™ family of products delivers clinical versatility and comfort, intelligent productivity improvements and consistently superior image quality.

Comprehensive MR imaging solutions for clinical flexibility and exam versatility

  • Human Connectome research performance with SuperG Gradient

    • Exceptional gradient stability for the most demanding fMRI exams
    • 2x thermal efficiency for ultra-long duty cycle imaging
    • Orchestra, GE Collaboration Portal and user groups for research development and clinical translation
  • Undeniable IQ and speed

    • Revolutionary AIR™ Recon DL improves SNR and enables reduced MR scan times
    • AIR Touch™ amd AIR x™ shorten exam set-up and table times for increased throughput
  • eXpress Dockable Table

    • Reduce patient anxiety with feet-first imaging on most procedures
    • Improve efficiency with large 205 cm scan range
    • Increase patient throughput with setup outside of the scan room
    • Faster egress to remove patients safely and quickly

Operational excellence for your MR imaging

  • Improved workflow efficiency and performance

    • Improve workflow and productivity up to 59% with AIR Touch™, enabling automated coil selection and landmarking
    • Optimized scan time and slice coverage with Intelligent SAR
  • Simply better Free-breathing exams for body MR

    • Completely free-breathing abdominal scans with Auto Navigator on all routine and complex exams, including dynamic T1 scans
    • Automatic tracker placement to track the diaphragm ensuring consistency from technologist to technologist
    • No hardware of bellows required and ability to update real time as the respiratory chances

Expand your clinical MR capabilities with SIGNA™Works

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*Simply better compared to conventional technology.