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Latest software release: SIGNA™Works AIR™ IQ Edition
Streamline your MR department with intelligent applications that boost image quality, productivity and enable growth.

AIR™: A simply better MR experience*

The AIR™ family of products delivers clinical versatility and comfort, intelligent productivity improvements and consistently superior image quality.

Comprehensive imaging solutions for clinical flexibility and exam versatility

  • Consistently accurate. Consistently quick.

    • 80% of cases get improved image quality without added time with AIR™ Recon
    • 59% productivity gain in exam set-up and 37% reduction in table time with AIR Touch™
    • 5x faster set-up time & 4x fewer mouse clicks with AIR x™
  • Patient-friendly design maximizes comfort and system utility

    • Adaptive AIR™ Coils accommodate all types of scans and patient sizes
    • Feet-first imaging reduces claustrophobia rejection rate by 90%
    • Non-contact, free-breathing scanning with Auto Navigator
  • Flexibility to boost your investment

    • Advanced capabilities, such as Radiation Oncology, Surgical Suite and MRgFUS solutions
    • Orchestra, GE Collaboration ortal and user groups for easy development and sharing

Expand your clinical MR capabilities with SIGNA™Works

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Versatility to meet all your clinical needs

Adapting to all patients

  • eXpress Dockable Table

    Lightweight eXpress dockable table for fast extraction and improved patient preparation workflow.
  • Elevating radiology by addressing patient needs

    Free-breathing for any examination, including dynamic studies as well as compatible needle-free and motion-correction techniques.

Get the Works with MRI upgrade options

  • Bring AIR™ to your Discovery™ MR750w or Discovery™ MR750w GEM

    Upgrade to SIGNA™ Architect Lift and ascend to the next generation of MR without wall removal.
    • Increase your procedures by 30%1
    • Reduce install time by 60%2
    • Get today’s technology at up to half of the cost3

Supporting materials

*Simply better compared to conventional technology.
1 With GE SIGNA™ Lift, the system may be able to scan 2-3 more patients per day due to new capabilities and productivity.
2 Total upfront costs include equipment, downtime and siting. Actual results may vary. Based on average estimate construction costs to upgrade with SIGNA™ Lift vs. replacing with a new system.
3 Compared to a new GE 1.5T MR system – upfront cost includes equipment, construction required for the equipment install and potential mobile cost during downtime. Actual costs will vary depending upon your site’s specific circumstances.