• Discovery IGS 7 wide bore

    Discovery IGS 7 wide bore allows to perform uninterrupted 3D. It also provides an easy centering of the liver even for patients with arms down. Its industry largest 41 x 41 cm detector enables large anatomies coverage.
  • Motion Freeze

    The pioneering Motion Freeze solution4a makes a difference by compensating for involuntary respiratory motion on your Cone Beam CT and thus saving up to 25% of repeated Cone Beam CT.10
  • Liver ASSIST

    Liver ASSIST provides a high sensitivity in detecting liver tumor feeding vessels. It improves the sensitivity of tumor-feeding vessels identification to reach up to 97-percent.11, 12, 13
    Liver ASSIST5 is the only software solution able to demonstrate ~68% complete tumor response rate (36% with DSA alone)14
  • Needle ASSIST

    Needle ASSIST8 provides real-time visualization of needle positions in the 3D space. It can help medical professionals improve their accuracy, reduce dose and support efficiency efforts when performing needle interventions, while having a limited impact on workflow.
  • INTERACT Active Tracker

    INTERACT Active Tracker enables easy and automatic fusion between ultrasound and multiple modalities’ pre-operative images right within the interventional suite.
    Bringing ultrasound in the angio suite allows to overcome the main limitations associated with CT-guidance in percutaneous procedures while offering incremental benefit of live multi-modality fusion guidance.