Cardiovascular Imaging Products

Vivid Cardiovascular Ultrasound Systems


Vivid E9

Vivid E9: Click here for More Information

Capture the entire heart in a single beat. Not just a valve, but the entire ventricle. Break down the barriers to routine, day-to-day 4D imaging from acquisition to archiving.

Vivid 7 Dimension

Vivid 7 Dimension: Click Here for More Information

You can rely on Vivid 7's well-established platform day in and day out. It's a flexible system that easily handles upgrades and shared services, in addition to a reporting package with structured findings that helps drive workflow and productivity.

Vivid S5 and Vivid S6

Vivid S5 and Vivid S6

By delivering exceptional performance through a wide range of applications, we've developed an exceptional cardiovascular and shared-service solution for today's increasing healthcare demands with the Vivid S5 and Vivid S6.

Vivid q

Vivid q: Click Here for More Information

Vivid q lets you assess LV function and cardiac performance with exceptional clarity and accuracy. Improve clinical confidence in complex invasive procedures. And optimize image settings across all procedures and users.


Vivid i: Click Here for More Information

The incredible Vivid i system establishes a completely new level of cardiovascular performance that gives clinicians the freedom to get diagnostic results outside of the echo lab.

Vivid e

Vivid e: Click Here for More Information

The Vivid e delivers everything you need in a compact echo system, like complete cardiovascular functionality, a comprehensive cardiac measurement and analysis package, and full shared service capabilities.


EchoPAC: Click Here for More Information

Optimizing the workflow in your echo lab requires a flexible, scalable information management solution capable of acquiring, storing, communication and reporting digital ultrasound data for both GE and non-GE ultrasound system. The EchoPAC Digital Echo Lab Solution is designed with                                these needs in mind.