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How do you make our best ultrasound even better? Build a more powerful engine with the most progressive and adaptive capabilities yet. Our Lyric Architecture allows for more data — leading to higher spatial and contrast resolution and color sensitivity. It works in harmony with our specialized probe technology to extract more information at record speeds for faster, sharper, and clearer images.

At a glance

Lyric Architecture

More Penetration & Details

Enhanced Volume Imaging

Unique Probe Technology


Ultrasound for today and tomorrow

Future proof your practice with the freedom to continuously unlock new imaging and processing power to achieve high resolution, detailed images - even in difficult scanning conditions. Generations ahead, the adaptive nature of Lyric Architecture allows for new imaging standards for years to come.

"I have the impression that I can do my diagnosis much faster, more detailed, and I get better images. A lot better images. Therefore, I can see anomalies or have the impression that I don't miss anything I might have missed some years ago."

Dr. Tilman Esser

Center for Prenatal Diagnostics - Munich

2D Imaging

The Ultimate Foundation

To uncover answers, you need details. The Voluson Expert 22 elevates 2D imaging with exceptional spatial and contrast resolution for border distinction and tissue differentiation. Utilize Radiant for more definition, UltraHD to see super fine details, and Augment to boost penetration – discovering the answers you seek.


Super Fine Details


Solve Challenging Scans


Reach New Heights in 2D

Change the levels of elevation and enhance border visibility with Radiant. The result is a more 3D-like appearance, which aids in crucial border differentiation in anatomy such as brain and fetal heart.



"At the beginning, HDlive Silhouette was only able to see internal organs with liquid inside. But now, with HDlive Studio+, it's possible to use it for the bones and for tissue. We can look at the fetus with a complete transparency mode, and I really like to use it."

Dr. Bernard Benoit

Princess Grace Hospital - Monaco

"One feature that I absolutely love and cannot do without any more in my practice is Flow Profiles. It allows us to streamline the acquisition of very high-quality Doppler profiles from the different vascular and cardiac structures, making the image optimization very quick."

Dr. Elena Sinkovskaya

Eastern Virginia Medical School - Virginia, USA

"I would say the image quality on the Voluson Expert 22 is superior. My favorite probe is the eM6C. I can do most examinations with it because it offers me many technical opportunities. I can move from Bi-Plane to Real-Time 4D to eSTIC. I can make all the diagnosis very clear and fast with very good quality. For me, it's a perfect system and probe."

Dr. Kai Heling

Center of Prenatal Diagnosis and Human Genetics - Berlin


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