X-RAY: Helix™ Advanced Image Processing

We are reinventing X-ray to be the most intuitive and insightful imaging technology, with the all-new Helix advanced image processing and the new, ultra-high resolution digital detectors, FlashPad HD. Helix delivers sharp detail, with the balanced contrast and brightness you need, despite variations in dose and patient anatomy, and with the exceptional handling of metal implants. Get the diagnostic clarity you need from that first X-ray. Capture extraordinary detail at low dose in every X-ray image. Focus on what matters the most, your patients.

A bright future for X-ray


Helix image processing is available on:

Discovery XR656 HD
Optima XR240 amx

Fast Facts

  • healthcare IT
    FlashPad HD detectors pack four times more pixels per area1 and have outstanding dose efficiency (75% DQE @ 0lp/ mm) to deliver extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose.
  • healthcare IT
    Improve contrast detectability by up to 40%.2
  • healthcare IT
    Helix delivers anatomy specific image enhancement for exquisite bone detail and clear delineation of soft tissue.
  • healthcare IT
    Helix ensures excellent handling of metal, both implants and markers.
  • timeline
    Helix presents consistent brightness and contrast across variations in dose exposure, collimation, and patient position.
1. Compared to Flashpad
2. Contrast Detectability, data on file DOC2045904