Clinical Performance Management

Achieving Brilliant Radiology - Better Outcomes Through...

Clinical Performance Management

Achieving Brilliant Radiology - Better Outcomes Through Technology, Analytics, and...

Clinical Performance Management solutions uses your equipment data to help improve clinical system performance and capabilities, exam efficiency, manage protocols and optimize practice level dose. Using data analytics, we help you enhance clinical, operational and financial outcomes. Whether you are an analytics professional or just starting on this journey, you are not alone. We offer a range of advisory services starting from introductory to enterprise wide programs with change management based on the support you need.

Dose Management

DoseWatch is an enterprise-wide dose management solution designed to automatically track, monitor, and report patient radiation and iodine exposure across multi-facility, multi-modality, and multi-vendor imaging environments.1

GE’s Dose Management team also provides solutions and options to help clients conform to elements of the Euratom directive set to launch this year. Come see us regarding “Euratom Ready” solutions to learn more.

What’s new at ECR 2018?

DoseWatch’s new release comes with a time saving set of new features that help minimize the time to calculate specific dose estimations, which ensures consistency in calculation methods, simplifies the reporting efforts, and helps define appropriate patient follow up.

Radiation dose to fetus: Simplifies and accelerates the assessment and reporting process; helps investigate fetal radiation exposure events.
Pediatric organ dose: Helps monitor and review dose distribution per organ for pediatric patients.
Peak skin dose: A post exam tool to help you calculate the peak skin dose delivered during an interventional examination.
Effective dose: Computes effective dose for all modalities based on conversion factors, with age stratification for CT, R&F and NM.

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