Service Solutions

Service Offerings

  • Design a partnership that powers your todays and tomorrows. Our flexible, modular approach means that we co-create tailored solutions with you, enabling you to address unique challenges. Choose from our comprehensive suite of service plans and add extra coverage if you need it—with optional elements that put you in control of your investment. With us by your side, the endless possibilities of the future are yours.

Standard Plans

As a technology partner, GE Healthcare ASEAN Services continually explores new ways to deliver value. We believe in simple, flexible offerings that help you get closer to your goals. Our standard plans cover basic equipment maintenance, digital solutions, and life cycle management plans. Built to anticipate your needs, these customizable plans suit a wide spectrum of organizations.


for the freedom to build your ideal service plan

  • The most flexible plan we have ever built. Vital is the perfect standalone plan that covers basic asset maintenance and optimization, and an ideal starting point to add on specific features and coverage elements that suit your needs. Refine your coverage over time as your needs change, without compromising on critical equipment maintenance.

    • Inclusive of all engineering specified preventative maintenance.
    • Access to our innovative, advanced remote, augmented reality, and proactive technologies to minimize downtime and enable faster fixes.
    • Asset performance management insights through the iCenter™ Operations platform. For diagnostic imaging and ultrasound equipment, this includes ticketing requests/updates at a click of a button through the MyGEHealthcare application.


for peace of mind and comprehensive coverage

  • We go beyond fixing equipment, and keep your assets operating at their best throughout their lifecycle. Prime is our core service plan, with the coverage and reassurance you need to reach the outcomes that matter to you.

    • Inclusive of assured genuine standard and strategic parts.
    • Rich informatics to optimize your asset management and give you critical data to make more effective decisions.
    • Unlimited labor coverage from preventative maintenance to emergency services.
    • Environmental conditions monitoring to ensure system health (Imaging only).
    • Innovative, advanced remote, augmented reality and proactive technologies to minimize downtime and enable faster fixes.


for uncompromised value and a world-class technology partnership

  • A pioneering solution, built for your growth and excellence. Infinite includes all the critical elements of service, enhances your assets, and delivers superior value to boost your productivity and clinical outcomes. From higher equipment maintenance levels to data-driven asset optimization, Infinite supports you as you expand your capabilities, maintain sustained asset performance, and achieve clinical excellence.

    • Highest uptime commitments enabled through priority response times, 24/7 coverage, and access to predictive technologies.
    • Protection against technological obsolescence through our continuity packages.
    • Educational solutions from clinical excellence to leadership skills (online and classroom).
    • Analytics packages for asset performance management, optimization of asset utilization (Imaging only), and dose management.
    • Critical accessories and consumables coverage.
    • Exclusive partnerships on events, preferential pricing on lifecycle, and an expanding range of value-added services to continually bring the best value to you.


for a unique, co-created solution that propels you forward

  • Tailored solutions, driven by our ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness. Advantage empowers your business by training your own in-house team to maintain your Life Care Solutions and giving them the ability to perform everyday maintenance. This means a knowledgeable team right there on your premises to resolve issues quickly and facilitate smoother operations. When you work with us, we provide oversight and advice for your in-house teams, and help you navigate through the changing world of healthcare with our expertise and ongoing support.