Point of care ultrasound for musculoskeletal

Providing musculoskeletal (MSK) practitioners with effortless and precise ultrasound, the Venue family of point of care ultrasound systems allows you to quickly assess tendons, muscles, and joints, and manage patient progress during a course of treatment. Improving both the patient and practitioner experience, Venue products enable fast assessments and accurate needle procedures.

Made for your point of care

Supporting MSK practitioners through a variety of features, Venue enhances patient safety and satisfaction by removing the need for patients to reschedule additional visits.

Accurately guide and visualize injections

Even in the most experienced hands, blind injections—those performed without imaging—are not 100% accurate. By using ultrasound for needle guidance, the needle is highlighted and you have quality visualization of joints and soft tissue during procedures at a lower acquisition cost than other imaging modalities.

Visualize slower blood flows

Power Doppler Imaging + (PDI+) is a color flow mapping technique used to map the strength of a Doppler signal coming from the flow rather than the frequency shift of the signal. In PDI+ mode, the sensitivity of the color in the Region of Interest (ROI) increases. Providing a higher resolution than the regular PDI mode, PDI+ is best used for slower blood flows such as those found in wrists, ankles, hands, and feet. This is an additional option that exists within the regular PDI mode.

Built-in teaching assistance to accelerate learning

Leveraging a touch-operated pointer and offering free-drawing capabilities that are visible on an external monitor or shared screen, Scribble helps to fast-track training of new users.

Guide treatments

With our button probes, you can perform procedures while controlling multiple parameters of the system from the probe. Needle procedures that once required two people, can now be done with one.

Streamlining shoulder scans

This toolkit combines shoulder diagram, reference image, and bilateral mode to help walk you through the entire shoulder scan while helping facilitate teaching.

  • Shoulder diagram: Simplifies documentation and assists the clinician in follow up for patients with suspected shoulder disorders. No need to manually type findings—you can simply assign a label from a pre-populated list that correlates with the images. Get a single view diagram with one click image storing, keep track of assessments and show trends in response to therapy.
  • Reference Image: Reference image provides anatomy mark-ups to assist novice users in scanning the correct anatomy
  • Bilateral mode: Helps you to view the opposite side of the same zone for comparison

Ready to go where you’re needed most

Whether the patient is coming to you or you are going to the patient, the Venue family of point of care ultrasound systems empower you to make fast assessments. 

Facilitating shoulder scans with Shoulder Toolkit

Simplifies documentation and helps you follow up on patients with suspected shoulder disorders. You can assign a label from a pre-populated list that correlates with images or get a single view diagram with one click image storing.

Visualize more anatomy in a single scan with Virtual Convex

This tool provides a wide field of view so users can visualize more large anatomy structures in a single scan.

Easily see the anatomy you need to see with Venue View

Supporting diagnostic confidence by constructing a panoramic image from individual frames, Venue View allows you to view up to 60cm of anatomy being scanned with anatomical relationships in one view.2

Automatically recall parameter settings with Follow Up

Delivering consistent and clear conclusions for repeated exams on the same patient, Follow Up automatically recalls parameter settings from a previous exam including comments and body patterns. 

Excellent visualization with Needle Mode

Needle Mode also allows you to easily differentiate between the needle and patient anatomy with confidence—allowing you to quickly guide the needle exactly where it needs to be and helping to minimize patient discomfort.

Remove the clutter with Simple Screen

See only what you need to see with Simple Screen mode, a feature that allows you to see up to a 39%3 larger ultrasound image and view only the icons they want.

Venue for MSK brochure

Download and read this brochure to learn more about how the simple, fast, and precise Venue family of systems is made for MSK practitioners.

Venue probes

A broad range of probes helps you accurately administer nerve blocks at the deepest and shallowest depths.

Product tutorial gallery

 Learn how to utilize tools and features to get the most out of your system and best utilize point of care ultrasound as a MSK practitioner.

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