• Anesthesia delivery with a personal touch

    The perioperative environment has become more complex with diverse patient cases that require customized therapy to facilitate better outcomes. The Carestation 750 anesthesia workstation brings the technology you need to help manage these challenges by offering:

    • Individualized therapy: advanced clinical tools for low-flow anesthesia and lung protective ventilation (LPV) strategies allow precise control of anesthesia delivery

    • Easy, intuitive interface: guided or direct access to functions like Lung Recruitment Maneuver, Pause Gas Flow, Alarm Off, and more help ease stress in busy perioperative settings

    • Streamlined workflows: modular, ergonomic design along with self-guided checkout help bring a new level of convenience to case management and simplify machine maintenance

    • Support when you need it most: access to service, accessories, and training resources are available 24/7, so you are not alone

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    *Not available in all markets. Not cleared or approved by the US FDA. Not for sale in the United States.


Overcoming challenges to individualized anesthesia care

Challenge 1

35% of patient injuries from anesthesia gas delivery are preventable by proper pre-use machine check.*

Fast, Complete and Self-guided Checkout

The daily checkout process is as simple as it is thorough. Clear, step-by-step, guidance on the screen lets you run a complete checkout, including a vaporizer test, in as little as 3 minutes.

* Patient injuries from anesthesia gas delivery equipment. Mehta SP, Eisenkraft JB, Posner KL, Domino KB. Anesthesiology 2013; 119: 788-95.

Designed to ease your workflow

The user interface and modular design of the Carestation 750 anesthesia system helps you deliver quality care with natural ease. It allows you to breeze through cases, so you can worry less about the machine and devote more attention to your patients.

    There’s no more clicking through menus and submenus to access functions you use most often. Lung Recruitment, Timer, Pause Gas Flow, Auto Alarm, Turn Manual Alarm Off and other settings appear on the main ventilation display —right at your fingertips.

    You get clear indication of system status on the display when using Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet (ACGO), Aux O2 or standby mode, or when you switch from bag to mechanical ventilation.

    Whenever auxiliary ports are in use, lighting indicates the active flow controls. Visual reinforcement on the ventilation screen highlights flow status.


    A standard user interface on the Carestation anesthesia machine and the CARESCAPE™ Patient Monitor helps reduce training time, so you can easily follow your patients from transport to bedside.

  • Streamline your care pathway

    The efficient, electronic design of the CARESCAPE™ ONE Monitor connects therapy and recovery to help improve user workflow. In a simulated user study1 this hand-held monitor

    • reduced total transport time by 26%
    • reduced transport user errors by 60% compared to an analogous solution.

    The compact CARESCAPE ONE monitor is easy to handle and helps keep your perioperative workflow running smoothly. Make this your companion monitor in the OR with the Carestation 750 anesthesia machine and save space.

    1. Revolutionizing Patient Transport Monitoring, GE Healthcare usability study JB58083XX. The comparative usability study was conducted in a simulation center whereby intubated OR patients were transported to the ICU by transport nurses.