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DINAMAP SuperSTAT algorithm Setting the target inflation pressure

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The DINAMAPTM SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) algorithm in the CARESCAPETM Patient Data Module and DashTM and CARESCAPE V100 monitors incorporates patented curve-fitting and cuff- pressure management technologies. These enable the setting of lower target inflation pressures, which improves patient comfort and safety, can reduce determination times and improves overall NIBP performance.

An additional feature of the CARESCAPE Patient Data Module with this algorithm is the ability to work at lower signal levels while maintaining accuracy. This is accomplished by using various measures of signal quality, which reduce the impact of noise.

This paper uses graphical illustrations to show how to adjust the target inflation pressures and outlines the clinical benefits of doing so. The default target inflation pressures programmed into the monitors mentioned above are:

  • Adult cuff pressure: 135 mmHg
  • Pediatric cuff pressure: 125 mmHg
  • Neonatal cuff pressure: 100 mmHg

In hospital units that frequently see hypotensive patients, NIBP performance can be optimized by reducing the adult default target from 135 mmHg to 110 mmHg. The target inflation pressure should be selected in accordance with the patients’ clinical characteristics.

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