LOGIQ S8 with XDclear

The balance of price and performance in a lightweight, portable design.

Superb imaging capabilities in a small, portable package.

The sleek, lightweight LOGIQ* S8 slips easily into tight spaces, yet is packed with powerful, established technologies that deliver the high quality imaging performance you demand. Imagine, exceptional next-generation imaging for patients of all sizes. A versatile, application-rich platform that easily handles both general and specialized imaging. And efficient image management tools that help provide access to vital information. All at a price that meets your budget.

Streamlined Workflow

Streamlined workflow that benefits you and your patients.

The more you enhance workflow, the more time you can devote to patient care. LOGIQ* S8 is packed with ergonomic and productivity features.

  • Ergonomic design helps promote comfort, convenience, and mobility, to help reduce user fatigue and risk of injury. At a svelte 187 lbs, this portable design fits easily into tight exam rooms and crowded bedsides. View a video about LOGIQ S8 ergonomics.
  • Multi-modality Query Retrieve allows you to bring a previous exam onto the system and view it side-by-side with a real-time ultrasound image to help you quickly find an area of interest.
  • Streamlined archiving and reporting - LOGIQ S8 provides robust DICOM connectivity and is compatible with many imaging IT solutions. This connectivity allows you to save images to a central location and review alongside other imaging modalities.
    • With ViewPoint* 6, GE Healthcare's reporting and image management solution, users can connect with a PACS or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for comprehensive patient record storage. This can help improve workflow and enhance communication throughout the facility as well as with referring physicians.

Streamlined workflow keyboard visual.

1. Data provided from an Internal GE Study performed by GE engineers comparing to the prior version of the LOGIQ S8.

  • Efficiency features help provide reduced keystrokes, exam consistency and smooth archiving and reporting.
    • Raw Data - allows a virtual rescan of the patient at any time
      after the study, on the system or at a remote workstation.
    • Power Assistant - provides the system battery power during transport to help decrease system shut-down and reboot time by 90%1 - helping provide excellent productivity for portable exams.
    • Wireless - frees you from frustrating cables for transmission of patient data during mobile exams.
    • Compare Assistant - helps standardize imaging protocols, and expedite exam preparation and planning by enabling view of a prior study while conducting the current exam
    • Breast and Thyroid Productivity Packages - help improve efficiency and standardization of lesion reporting by automating the labeling, measuring, and description of lesions to enhance both efficiency and clinical confidence.
    • Breast Measure Assistant - allows users to contour and measure lesions quickly, trace lesion boundaries and generate two-dimensional measurements with just a few keystrokes, enhancing the speed and confidence of lesion characterization.
    • OB Measure Assistant - allows users to measure anatomy quickly and generate two-dimensional measurements with just a few keystrokes. Simply push Print to accept or easily edit as needed.
    • AutoEF - enables a semi-automatic measurement of the global EF (Ejection fraction). The AutoEF tool tracks and calculates the myocardial tissue deformation based on feature tracking on B-Mode cine loops.
    • Scan Assistant - Scan Assistant anticipates and preps the next step of a scan, helps reduce keystrokes, and frees you to focus on the patient. A GE-commissioned study
      performed by an independent third party sonographer revealed a 78% reduction in keystrokes and a 49% reduction in exam time. Scan Assistant performs the following tasks:
      • Initiates and auto-completes measurements
      • Automatically steers color Doppler
      • Sets up imaging controls and modes
      • Insert comments
      • Automatically reorders images to your preference, independent of acquisition sequence. View a video about LOGIQ S8 Scan Assistant.

Strong Investment Value

Gain confidence with this strong investment value.

For all its agility and power, the LOGIQ S8 is solid in one critical area: investment value. Highly affordable with a wide range of clinical applications, it offers the performance to price balance you want in an ultrasound system. You can rely on superb images, streamlined workflow and a system that is truly suited to your needs—combined with GE Healthcare’s responsive service, support and financing options.

Education & Training

Knowledge. Power. Confidence.
Our expert team of educators and ultrasound Clinical Application Specialists are committed to helping you provide better patient care on a daily basis through our high performance education programs. Learn more.

Services & Support

Service. Support. Solutions.
Count on GE to help optimize the performance of your vital ultrasound assets. Our maintenance service offerings all deliver one thing-confidence.
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Ultrasound IT

Simple, streamlined workflow at your fingertips.
Manage patient information, report data, and images in one flexible and intuitive IT solution. GE's ViewPoint 6 is one of the most comprehensive, customizable data management tools available. Learn more.


Ultrasound Point of Care Events

New England Chapter of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists 2013 Annual Meeting, November 2 - Marlborough, MA Marriott Courtyard Marlborough
ASRA ANES Workshop, November 2-3 - Chicago, IL
NWAS Course, November 6 - Key West, FL Westin
Ohio ACEP, November 6-7 - Columbus, OH
Thyroid Cancer 2013: Advances in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Thyroid Nodular Disease and Cancer, November 8 - Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University
Mayo Clinic Symposium on Sports Medicine, November 8-9 - Rochester, MN Kahler Grand Hotel
ASC Annual Meeting, November 9-11 - Orlando, FL Hilton Bonnet Creek
AAPMU, November 9 - Los Angeles, CA Manhattan Beach Marriott
Intermediate ultrasound guided peripheral nerve block workshop, November 15 - Monterey, California UC Davis Health SystemMonterey Plaza Hotel
NWAS Course, November 18 - Las Vegas, NV Paris Hotel
ASRA Fall Pain Meeting, November 21-23 - Phoenix, AZ The Arizona Bitmore Hotel Booth #201
New England Orthopedic Society Fall meeting, November 22-23 - Boston, MA Omni Parker House Hotel
Ohio ACEP, December 4-5 - Columbus, OH
NYPGA Annual Meeting, December 13-17 - New York, NY Marriott Marquis


High efficiency ultrasound.

LOGIQ E9 and LOGIQ S8 are among the most energy efficient in the industry. That means with every image you'll be using less energy, saving money, and contributing to a better environment. It's part of the GE commitment to invest in innovative solutions to environmental challenges, while empowering you with advanced tools for healthcare delivery.

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