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The LOGIQTM E9 is a versatile general imaging system that helps meet a wide variety of general imaging needs. As healthcare evolves and ultrasound exams become more in demand, you need the ability to adapt to the changing environment with an ultrasound system that gives you flexibility, ease of use, speed and reliability.

The LOGIQ E9 can help you:

  • Deliver extraordinary image quality on a broad spectrum of patient body types.
  • Visualize blood flow without the limitations of Doppler.
  • Enhance your workflow.
  • Integrate real-time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR, PET, or ultrasound images.
  • Visually track your position during a scan.

Expert Tools

Shear Wave elastography provides a non–invasive, quantitative assessment of tissue stiffness in chronic liver disease and lesions in the liver, breast and small parts applications.

  • Color-coded elastogram and quantitative measurements
  • Dual or Single display option
  • Measurements in kPa or m/s
  • User selectable color maps
  • Adjustable color box and ROI depth and size 

Volume Navigation technology combines multi-modality imaging with real-time ultrasound or previously acquired ultrasound exams. Volume Navigation is even easier with OmniTRAXTM active tracker which helps reduce registration time for CT/Ultrasound exams through auto-registration. Volume Navigation is even easier to use with new tools and accessories including new hardware, needle sizes, an active tracker and transducers with embedded V Nav sensors.2

Volume Navigation technology combines multi-modality imaging with real-time ultrasound or previously acquired ultrasound exams.


Fusion merges real-time ultrasound with CT, MR, PET or ultrasound images, enabling you to benefit from the strengths of each exam. 

GPS helps enable you to visually track your position during a scan from different views, help guide biopsies efficiently and effectively, and simplify the counting of masses, lesions and nodules.

Needle Tracking helps you achieve a high level of accuracy for guided procedures by enhancing precision with a re-usable sensor that displays the exact position of the needle tip.

Additional Expert Tools

Auto-IMT (Intima Media Thickness) helps provide automatic edge detection for intima-media thickness measurements to help reduce the exam time while evaluating the carotid artery’s intima-media thickness. 

Elastography helps evaluate tissue stiffness to obtain additional diagnostic information that can aid you in making patient management decisions.  Learn more about elastography.

Volume Ultrasound lets clinicians construct volumetric images in real-time and observe anatomy in any plane.

Multiplanar imaging allows you to view any plane individually or simultaneously with other orthogonal planes.

The C-plane allows you to display areas in an imaging plane parallel to the skin—ordinarily impossible using conventional 2D ultrasound. 

Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI) enables volume data to be viewed in multiple slices, much like CT and MR. 

Volume Calculation (VOCAL) helps you evaluate irregular structures by automatically calculating volumes based on automated or manual tracing of the structure.

Cardiac Tools 

Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI), a cardiac tool that measures the myocardial velocities longitudinally, evaluating systolic and diastolic function.

Tissue Velocity Doppler (TVD) measures segmental velocity of the myocardium longitudinally. 

Q-Analysis plots the velocity information of discrete points for graphical analysis.


1. All comparisons based upon GE conventional ultrasound versus GE ultrasound featuring the above referenced features
2. Option only available with XDclear upgrade

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We invite you to join the LOGIQ Club, a network of thousands of fellow LOGIQ ultrasound users. Club membership gives you access to many tools and resources which are only available to members, helping you experience the full power of your LOGIQ ultrasound system. Members are regularly informed about developments in LOGIQ ultrasound technology and provided with special offers and opportunities which are announced on the club's own LOGIQ Club website.

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  • Agile Acoustic Architecture

    Agile Acoustic Architecture is a flexible approach built on proprietary clinical models of the human body.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-agile-acoustic-architecture.jpg
  • Auto Optimization

    Automatic Optimization (AO) helps deliver excellent and consistent image quality in both B-mode and spectral Doppler at the touch of a button.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-auto-optimization.jpg
  • Coded Harmonic Imaging

    Coded Harmonic Imaging helps enhance near-field resolution for improved small parts imaging as well as far-field penetration compared with typical harmonic imaging.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-coded-harmonic-imaging.jpg
  • CrossXBeam™

    CrossXBeam combines multiple images from different angles into a single, real-time image that allows for better border definition and increased contrast resolution.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-cross-beam.jpg
  • E-Series Transducer Technology

    Acoustic Amplifier Technology helps achieve higher sensitivity by recapturing unused acoustic energy. When combined with other E-Series transducer technologies the result is increased penetration on large patients, outstanding spatial resolution and image uniformity from near to far field to help improve diagnostic confidence. View the LOGIQ E9 Transducer Guide

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-e-series-transducer.jpg
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging

    SRI is a real-time algorithm that helps increase contrast resolution by reducing speckle noise while maintaining true tissue appearance.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-speckle-reduction.jpg
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  • Auto IMT

    Automatic edge detection for intima-media thickness (IMT) measuring technology helps reduce the time it takes to evaluate the carotid arterys intima-media thickness and can help increase the consistency and reliability of IMT measurements.

  • Cardiac Tools

    Exceptional imaging and color capabilities together with expert cardiac tools help quantitatively assess systolic and diastolic function. Advanced cardiac assessment can be achieve with Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI), Tissue Velocity Doppler and Q-Analysis tools.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-cardiac-tools.jpg
  • Elastography

    Elastography software estimates the strain in the region of interest after compression and creates an elastogram that represents tissue elasticity.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-elastography.jpg
  • Volume Navigation

    Volume Navigation is an innovative technology onboard the LOGIQ E9 that combines the advantages of volume ultrasound with an advanced navigation system. Fusion, GPS and Needle Tracking capabilities can be used alone or in combination with any other Volume Navigation technology.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-volume-nav.jpg
  • Volume Ultrasound

    Volume Ultrasound helps you achieve a thorough perspective. It allows you to acquire and construct volumetric images in real time, allowing you to evaluate the data in any plane to see anatomy in ways not seen traditionally. Multiplanar imaging, The C-plane, Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI) and Volume Calculation (VOCAL) allow the user to achieve a more comprehensive view of anatomy.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-volume-ultrasound.jpg
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  • Modality Worklist

    Modality worklist enables the LOGIQ E9 to query patient demographics and study details from the facility''s imaging IT system. Modality Worklist retrieves patient information based on user defined criteria and can help reduce typographic errors and help streamline workflow.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-modality-worklist.jpg
  • Query Retrieve

    Query Retrieve allows you to bring a previous exam onto the system and view it side-by-side with a real-time ultrasound image to help you quickly find an area of interest.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-query-retrieve.jpg
  • Raw Data

    Raw data enables you to build a thorough exam while reducing scan time. This GE raw data format captures data earlier in the image processing chain enabling users to make changes to the data during or even after the exam has ended.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-raw-data.jpg
  • Scan Assistant

    Scan Assistant knows the next step of a scan and helps you to get there more efficiently. Scan Assistant can significantly decrease keystrokes and shorten exam time by doing the little things for you.

    hotspot tours-logiq e9-scan-assistant.jpg
  • Superb Ergonomics

    LOGIQ E9 is designed with efficiency and ergonomics in mind. The intuitive keyboard provides 95% of keys used around the trackball. Motorized adjustments customize keyboard height to user preference. Touchscreen, large 19" monitor, swivel wheels and more make the system easy to use and easy on the user.

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