Seno Iris™ Review Station

Review Simplified. Review magnified.

Review Simplified. Review magnified.

Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is making it easier to spot breast cancer.
But this data-intensive technology can push the boundaries of some viewing tools, limiting your ability to efficiently and accurately diagnose patients.

With Seno Iris* you can
improve your reading workflow with a whole set of tools
designed to:

Introducing Seno Iris

A powerful workstation that speeds up reading time allowing you to make the most efficient use of this essential new technology.

Enhance your diagnostics

Simplify your workflow

Experience high interoperability & connectivity

Smoothly integrate your review station to your working environment
with robust interoperability & connectivity solutions.

With Seno Iris on your side,

you can take full advantage of today’s technology to put patients on the right path.


Choose the configuration you really need

*Not commercially available in every regions.

  1. With ProFound AI. CAD labeling and User Manual DTM160 Rev. C. Reading times may vary based on the specific functionality of the viewing application used for interpretation.